Two former colleges, Taegu College (1947) and Chunggu College (1950), were merged together by President Park Chung-hee in 1967 to form the Yeungnam University. It is located in Gyeongsan, South Korea. It started with 6 colleges- College of Liberal Arts, Engineering, Law and Political Science, Commerce and Economics, Pharmacy and Evening Programs. It had 35 undergraduate departments and 12 graduate departments.

Today, the university has two beautiful campuses, located in Gyeongsan and Daegu. It has over 22,000 undergraduate students and 3500 graduate students who enjoy the best of educational facilities and academic resources. With over 1000 professional and expert faculty, the students and the university aim for success and exceptional learning. Additionally, it consists of 38 academic research institutes and 11 auxiliary organizations like the Foreign Language Institute and the Center for International Programs.

Some of the various Colleges and Departments are:

  • College of Science 
  • College of Engineering 
  • College of Medicine 
  • College of Human Ecology and Kinesiology 
  • College of Education 
  • College of Art and Design 
  • School of Textiles 
  • School of Biotechnology 
  • School of Chinese Language and Culture 
  • School of Architecture 
  • Interdisciplinary Study 

Additionally, the university is globally acclaimed for the many diverse research programs it offers, including the Brain Korea (BK21) Program, New University of Regional Innovation (NURI) Program, Polymer Gel Research Cluster Center, Regional Innovation center and more.

Yeungnam University has a very expansive library that is known to be a pool of valuable resources for its students. It has a vast collection of informative books, journals, international papers, and periodicals that help students in better research and add value to their learning.

The international programs aim to develop and extend exchange programs with institutes across the globe. It arranges seminars, symposiums, and lectures to bring a global community together to share thoughts and ideas. It offers complete help and support in making this a huge success and a medium for better growth and advancement for the students as well as the university.

The university offers all the necessary facilities, keeping in mind the present-day needs. Students can enjoy a great atmosphere with everything that they require to study better and make the most of their learning experience. The university aims to not just educate students today but prepare them for the future with a strong foundation of learning. Its continuous progress is a mark of its dedicated commitment to growth and success.

There are many ranking agencies that published their rankings about the university. First, this university was ranked 26th in Korea and 803rd in the world by CWUR. Also, Times Higher Education has ranked it to be 101-110th in Korea and 601-800th in the world, and Times Higher Education has ranked it to be 145th in Asia. Although these rankings show that Yeungnam University is not the best university in the world, it has high rankings considering that there are thousands of universities around the world.


If you want to apply for Yeungnam University admissions, it is essential that you read the admission guides that are in Undergraduate and Graduate Admission Guides. You will need to open these guides and read them very carefully if you are considering applying. These guides contain valuable information about the admission process such as deadlines and required forms.

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Yeungnam University Tuition

The undergraduate student’s tuition fee is $7,000 per year, and the graduate student’s tuition fee is $10,000 per year. These tuition fees are in the high range compared to other Korean universities. If you want to attend a university with a cheaper tuition fee, you should definitely consider the national universities in Korea. These universities offer cheap tuition because they receive huge funds from the government.


If the tuition fee poses a financial burden either on you or your family, then you need to receive Yeungnam University scholarships to ease that burden. Undergraduate students can receive full-tuition scholarships if their TOPIK scores are higher than 5. After their first semester, they can receive full tuition based on their TOPIK scores and GPA. For graduate students, up to 100% tuition can be received if they meet one of the language requirements and are recommended by their departments. To see these scholarships in detail, read the admission guides linked above.


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