A private university, located in South Korea, the Yong In University is one of the best in the region. It was first established in 1953 as the Korea Judo School and commissioned as a 4-year undergraduate school in 1971. It was then renamed the Korea Physical Science College. It was finally in 1993 that it changed its name again to Yong In University.

Today, it comprises 35 departments across 6 colleges:

  1. Martial Arts
  2. Physical Science
  3. Culture and Art
  4. Business Administration
  5. Environmental Science
  6. Health and Welfare

Additionally, it is divided across 7 special graduate schools, specializing in Education, Physical science, Art, Business, Rehabilitation and Health Science, Taekwondo, Cultural assets, and a general graduate school.

The Yong In University also holds several prestigious and acclaimed International Exchange Programs including the Foreign Language Education Program, Study Abroad System, Exchange Student Program, and International Exchange Partners.

The University has a very dynamic and ever-evolving professional and personal development environment. It encourages talented people to advance their talents and maximize it to their best potential. At Yong In University a very global approach is supported where media, environment, and welfare are combined into the traditional fields of study. The university has continuously progressed and keeps pace with these dynamic changes that are impacting the world of education globally. Through Foreign language courses and advanced systems, the university is offering academic collaborations with many overseas universities too.

The University stands by the philosophy of, ‘Nurturing Dreams, Realizing Dreams’ and continually works towards the success of this philosophy. With a firm belief in every individual’s talents and core strengths, it offers a comprehensive learning platform. From being recognized as the best martial arts, sports, and physical education school it has gained the reputation of being one of the most successful and reputed universities, offering a wide array of specialized courses.

The University strongly supports and advocates creativity of thought and mind. It enables students to use their creativity and innovative thinking to rise above and be ready to take on challenges. With a multitude of resources, an expert staff, and faculty, and all the necessary tools and platforms, Yong In University offers its students a comprehensive platform for sound learning and knowledge development. Students at the Yong In University enjoy a global community, a sound present, and the assurance of a bright future ahead. It prepares you for tomorrow by strengthening your today!

Yong in University Rankings

The university is well-respected in Korea. According to 4icu, Yong in University is ranked 28th in Korea. Their sports program is one of the best in Korea and in Asia. The university is well-known to produce many Olympic athletes and successful sports figures. Because of that reason, their sports program is ranked very high.


Yong in University has made the admissions process easy for international students by providing easy-to-follow admission guides. Undergraduate students should read Undergraduate Admissions Guide, and graduate students should read Graduate Admissions Guide.

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The university website did not specify a specific tuition fee for international students. So, I have gotten this information from Study in Korea Website. According to this government website, Yong in University charges a tuition fee of $10,000 per year for bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral students.


Unfortunately, there is no scholarship information available on the official website. If you want to really attend this university, you will need to contact the International Student Office for more information.

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