6 Best Scholarships in Norway for International Students

//6 Best Scholarships in Norway for International Students

Being able to study in any of the Nordic countries is a massive desire for students around the world. Universities in Norway offer a wide variety of courses available to international students, while also boasting high-quality education and history. This article will help you to know different scholarships in Norway that are available for international students.

For a student from another country to be able to study in Norway, they have to pass admission requirements. One of them (and probably the most important) is the ability of each student to be able to pay student fees, as well as expenses in daily living. To be able to successfully apply for a spot in any of their universities, you must submit your proof of financial ability. For countries such as Norway, that can be a bit difficult. Norway is known to be a very expensive country to live in, especially for international students.

The best route for interested applicants is to apply for scholarships. Universities in Norway are generous to give out scholarships to international students, and some do not even have tuition fees because they are subsidized by the government. So, if you are thinking about studying in Norway, make sure to check these scholarships out!


List of Best Scholarships in Norway for International Students

I’ve compiled a list of scholarships for those who want to study in Norway. Read the descriptions and click on the link to know how to apply. Read the descriptions in the link carefully , so that you don’t miss anything in the application procedure.

 Erasmus +

The Erasmus + program offers a variety of scholarships and funding for university students. All students (both local and international) are eligible to apply for this program if they are studying in Europe. You may have to check their website for the complete and specific list of countries that can avail their offers. Erasmus is also well known for their amazing student exchange programs, which one can apply for if their country is chosen.


University of Oslo

Located at the heart of Norway, the University of Oslo is a prime destination in many international students’ lists. The school offers excellent facilities, quality education, and top minds for the many courses they offer. The University of Oslo is a very large school, housing nearly 30,000 students on a yearly basis. If you want a great scholarship in Norway, University of Oslo is a great palce to start.

Oslo is a publicly funded institution, so you can expect nearly free tuition. They charge small fees annually, but for the most part, they offer their classes free of charge. While yes, you can save a lot from the overwhelming tuition that other schools demand, living in Oslo can be very expensive. Free tuition is a plus, but you still have to deal with daily living and travel expenses that comes with living in the city.

Scholarships in the University of Oslo focus more on stipend and other living benefits for the recipients. These programs are available to undergraduates, as well as those pursuing their Master’s and Doctorates. While most of the scholarships offered do not cover all expenses, it can still be a great deal of help.


NORAM Scholarship

The Norway-America Association (NORAM) offers Americans scholarship opportunities to study in Norway. The program offers up to 10 scholarships annually, which cover varying amounts of monetary aid to selected students. Here, students can apply if they want to pursue post-graduate degrees. For those living in the United States that want to be an international student, this can be a prime opportunity that you should not pass up.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Now the reigning largest university in all of Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) hosts over 40,000 students annually. Having these legions of students coming through their gates yearly, the school offers top-notch education as well as connections to companies for their graduates. This makes the NTNU a very good school to apply to, for those wanting to relocate to Norway for their studies.

The best part about studying at NTNU is that they have no tuition fees. The main problem any student can have when studying here is similar to that of Oslo’s. High cost of living can make life very expensive for your average international student.


Norwegian-Russian Scholarship Scheme

The Norwegian-Russian Scholarship Scheme offers Russian students scholarships in Norway. This may involve exchange programs or direct stipend which you can use for a variety of available schools in this program. They usually accept 30 student applications annually, so you can expect this to be a very competitive process.


University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is another great destination for those who want to avoid school fees. It is a publicly funded institution that has nearly 15,000 students onboard. Similar to Oslo, Bergen offers tuition-free education, but demands small fees every semester. The school charges no tuition, but do not let that fool you. They still provide high quality education in their many courses available for international students. While the tuition is free, other expenses are not on the table. This means food, groceries, travel fares, and even books are the financial burden of every student.


Other than Norway Scholarships

I hope that you’ve found this information about Norway scholarships to be helpful. If you would like scholarship information around the world, I highly suggest that you visit uscollegeinternational.com.