Actuarial science could be defined as a combination of mathematical and statistical methods applied in fields such as insurance and finance, in order to help assess the level of the potential risk present in those fields at the given moment or in the future. Those who are trained in actuarial science could thrive in various high-level institutions and companies, even state institutions such as the government, etc. In this article, we will be looking at the best actuarial science schools in the world!

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Top Actuarial Science Schools in the World

1. ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management

ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management is the graduate school of the University of Lisbon in Lisbon, Portugal. This university is the best-ranked Portuguese university in the ARWU ranking and among the best institutions for actuarial science in the world. It claims to promote a culture of solidarity and collaboration between students, professors, and international partners in order to create a successful business network.

ISEG offers a Master in Actuarial Science degree and promises to provide in-depth coverage of the most up-to-date actuarial knowledge, offering the most modern ways of learning through its libraries and study rooms that their students have access to. Its objectives are training students for their future careers in the actuarial field and contributing to the education of academics.

2. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Universidad Complutense de Madrid is a public research university in Madrid, Spain, and an excellent actuarial science university across the globe, founded in the late 13th century. Accompanied by a long history of prestigious education in Europe, this university still stands out in academic circles, and so its graduate program in actuarial science is among the best-ranked in the world.

The UCM – Faculty of Economics & Business offers a Master in Actuarial and Financial Studies program that consists of advanced academic training in the actuarial and financial field, professional specialization, a quality basis for learning how to properly exploit data, but also to express and institutionalize creativity and innovation and develop leadership skills and teamwork.

3. University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is a public research university in the city of Groningen, Netherlands, founded in the 17th century and considered one of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands and a top-ranked actuarial science school across the globe. Its actuarial studies program can be found under the Master in Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies program which can earn you a degree with the same title.

Within its MSc program, this university claims to use mathematical and statistical models to analyze problems in business, economics, finance, and other similar areas with the purpose of somehow maybe even predicting the economical future of Europe and helping make it better by preparing its students to one day contribute to the bigger causes all around the continent.

4. The University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas is the largest public university in the Dallas area, Texas, and among the lists of best universities for actuarial science around the world that was founded in 1961. Unlike most universities that offer only graduate studies in actuarial science, this university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in actuarial science, meaning you could earn both/either bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees in the area of actuarial science.

As a part of their undergraduate studies, it promises to provide training and advancement in the actuarial area through collaboration with various actuarial organizations, as well as a good foundation for further consideration of employment and job opportunities that students can choose from after their studies. During the master’s program, students will be educated about how to become future leaders of the actuarial industry through practical training that will later help them establish their future careers.

5. Sunway University

Sunway University is a private university in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, and is a recognized actuarial science school in the world. As the University of Texas, this university is also one of the few that offers both undergraduate and graduate studies in actuarial science, which can earn you a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree.

BSc with Honors in Actuarial Studies consists of a program that involves applying mathematical and statistical techniques in the financial services industry, designed to encourage students to take a step into the actuarial world. MSc in Actuarial Science program provides a broader knowledge in the actuarial field, providing students with practical training in how to act in a certain situation, preparing them for future real-life situations that await them in their careers.

6. University of Tartu

The University of Tartu is the national university of Estonia, located in the city of Tartu. It is also the biggest and most prestigious university in Estonia, and among the top institutions for actuarial science all over the world. When it comes to actuarial science, this university delivers a world-class actuarial science curriculum and offers a master’s program in Actuarial and Financial Engineering, a 2-year program meant to prepare specialists for financial, banking, and insurance sectors, providing knowledge and skills in financial engineering and insurance mathematics.

The Institute of Mathematics and Statistics claims to rely on applied mathematical models and quantitative methods when it comes to their master’s program in actuarial science, providing knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in various actuarial fields. It also promises to prepare its students for professional opportunities or their further studies.

7. KU Leuven

The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) is a Catholic research university in the city of Leuven, Belgium. When it comes to studies of actuarial science, this university offers a Master of Science degree within the 2-year Master of Actuarial and Financial Engineering program.

During their MSc program, the Faculty of Economics and Business offers basic training in actuarial engineering and other similar fields, advanced courses that show the latest developments in the actuarial field, both theoretical and practical training, as well as a multidisciplinary approach to studying.


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