Business Administration students study how to effectively and efficiently carry out business operations – including managing finances, analyzing market trends, and developing office policies. Having a degree in this subject offers endless career options and opens doors to almost all industries, which is why it is one of the most popular programs among the younger generations.

The world’s demand for qualified business professionals is high, particularly for those who want to work as sales managers, business analysts, and marketing specialists. Companies look for employees who have good numerical skills, strong leadership, and effective communication skills. Naturally, these are the skills that business schools develop in their students. Completing coursework and going through professional placement are usually required from Business Administration students to strengthen these skills.

If you want to work for top companies, a Business Administration degree from a reputable school will give you a competitive edge among your peers. But, no two schools are the same. Take some time to research what each has to business administration school in Europe that you may want to consider!

Top Business Administration Schools in Europe

1. Montpellier Business School

Based in France, the Montpellier Business School (MBS) is among the best schools for business administration in Europe that was established in 1897 to provide quality business education rooted in its core values of openness, ethics, and global responsibility. Today, it welcomes over 1,000 international students, and 65% of its permanent faculty are from abroad. It is this strong commitment to diversity that sets the school apart. The cultural differences experienced by students on-campus help develop broader awareness of the impact of their future business decisions on the world.

MBS offers a 3-year BA in International Business Administration. During Year 1, students follow a general curriculum to learn the basics of running a business and solving common problems. A 2 to 4-month internship must also be completed. By Year 2, students are allowed to choose their track. You could study abroad, pursue international professional experience, or do an entrepreneurial project in France.

While there is no traditional Master’s in Business Administration at this school, postgraduates may pursue MA in Management, which takes two years to complete. Its curriculum aims to develop professional maturity. Courses take a deeper look at management and strategy. A 4 to 6-month internship relevant to your specialization is required during both years.

2. Audencia Business School

Also based in France, the Audencia Business School (ABS) is regarded as another top destination in Europe for students who wish to study Business Administration. It operates on four campuses situated around Nantes and two campuses in China.

ABS offers a 4-year BBA in Big Data and Management. It is a unique program developed by ABS in partnership with Centrale Nantes, and it aims to educate students on management and data engineering. Upon graduation, students will be well-equipped to take on complex data management tasks. A 3-month internship abroad is required during Year 1 and Year 3. A 6-month internship also takes place during Year 4, where students must independently manage a project and produce a well-documented report by the end.

For postgraduates, ABS offers a 1-year Master’s in Business Administration. It aims to help students understand themselves better as business professionals and define the goals they want to achieve. Students under this program may take an optional internship abroad. If not, you may take optional additional classes and earn a Graduate Certification from Boston University or Tecnologico de Monterrey. Classes are conducted online for the optional certificate.

3. University of Bologna

Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna in Italy is an excellent university for business administration program in Europe and is the world’s oldest university in operation. In 2000, it established the Bologna Business School (BBS) to offer cutting-edge business education in close collaboration with world-renowned industries from Italy. Classes are done on a picturesque campus, which students fondly call Villa Guastavillani.

BBS is dedicated to supporting students who seek continuing education. It does not offer any Bachelor’s degrees but has an extensive list of Master’s degrees to choose from.

A 12-month Master in Business Administration is available for postgraduates with previous work experience. Students may choose to specialize in one of these options: Automation & Robotics, Design & Luxury Goods, Food & Wine, Green Energy & Sustainable Businesses, or Supercars & Motorsports. All specializations have a strong industry presence in Italy, and students have the opportunity to work with top companies for internships. Lectures, career workshops, and personal development training will be given by the most qualified researchers and practitioners.

4. International Institute for Management Development

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland is the most recognizable name in business education and one of the recognized business administration institutions in Europe. It is a private institution specializing in training senior employees who are about to step into leadership roles. The average age of students enrolling at IMD is 31.

IMD offers a 12-month Master in Business Administration, which focuses on developing leadership skills in a dynamic and fast-paced business environment. Students are also invited to join discovery expeditions, which will take them to see different business operations in other countries.

For those who have over ten years of work experience, IMD offers a 15-month Executive MBA. It features flexible classes that you may complete without leaving your job. The curriculum focuses on developing mastery in business operations. This program is highly selective, as the school wants to ensure that each class represents a good mix of industries, cultures, and abilities to promote peer-to-peer learning.

5. EU Business School

The EU Business School (EUBS) is a private educational institution and a leading school for business administration in Europe founded in 1973. It originally operated on two campuses – Montreux and Geneva in Switzerland – but has recently opened campuses in Barcelona, Spain, and Munich, Germany. These cities were particularly chosen for their thriving business sectors. In over 40 years, the school has provided the highest standard of business education in the country and has produced highly employable graduates that employers seek year after year.

EUBS offers a 3-year Bachelor of Business Administration. Its curriculum aims to educate students on a wide range of functions within a business. Some time is spent learning cultures, languages, and social frameworks, which can be valuable when working in multinational companies.

For postgraduates, EUBS offers a 12-month Master of Business Administration with a wide range of specializations to choose from. The most popular options include International Business, Communication & Public Relations, International Marketing, and Digital Business. EUBS frequently invites leaders from different industries to conduct exclusive talks and join networking events for students at the Master’s level.


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