If you would like to take a chance and pursue a career in business education in Germany, you’ll find something positive every day! In this article, we will be looking at the best business schools in Germany. This country, the world’s third-largest exporter of goods, can easily guide you towards your objectives. Germany’s economy is expanding rapidly, making it an excellent place to learn new skills and advance your education.

Higher education in Germany is a dream come true for international students. In Germany, unlike anywhere else, you’ll have your pick of dozens of highly regarded universities, a dizzying array of courses, and degrees that are highly sought after around the world—all while enjoying low living expenses.

Numerous reasons exist for why students from around the world choose German universities for their higher education every year. Germany is an affordable place to further your education. The cost of tuition is extremely low, and in some cases, it is even free. Germany is the only top study destination where universities do not charge tuition fees, despite the fact that higher education is becoming increasingly important due to the growing demand for highly qualified professionals and the rising cost of attending university.

Best Business Schools in Germany

1. University of Mannheim—Mannheim Business School

The University of Mannheim’s Business School is one of the best business schools in Germany. It’s synonymous with high-quality research that’s both nationally and internationally oriented. For the purpose of ensuring that students have the most beneficial academic experience, they use cutting-edge teaching strategies and maintain high-quality standards throughout the school year.

An AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA triple accreditation is sufficient proof that Mannheim Business School is a prestigious institution. They’ve held the top spot in the QS ranking for Management and Social Sciences for many years. This German business school will provide you with world-class research, practical application, and innovative teaching methods.

2. The University of Münster—School of Business and Economics

The University of Münster School of Business and Economics has a well-defined study profile and is one of the best business schools in Germany. Its unique features include the combination of business administration, economics, and information system through business, political, administrative decision-makers, international teaching, and training. This combination is focused on the realities of life outside of the academy. It is a unique program.

To this end, they strive to give students a solid foundation in the fields of business administration, economics, and information technology. Instead of relying on what the university already knows, they look for new things to invest in. The university tries to teach students methods and techniques that will allow them to gain new knowledge on their own and deal purposefully with the difficult challenges posed by a world that is constantly changing.

The exchange of academic theories and business practices is also critical in education at the University of Münster. Thus, the university places a high value on internationalization, which involves working with other academic institutions in other countries. Attending this university will provide you with exposure to cultural exchange and differences.

3. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The three business intelligence centers in Germany, namely; EQUIS, AACSB, and FIBAA, all triple-accredited Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. A big part of it was because of their specialties, including research, knowledge transfer, international focus, and regional involvement, topics that drew students from around the world to the university. Thus, the school has already made a name for itself as a key player in the reform movement.

Many of the school’s alumni have also gone on to found successful start-ups or join other promising entrepreneurial initiatives. Furthermore, their alumni are active in all sectors, as evidenced by award-winning and successful start-ups like Braceless, Finanzguru, Fitvia, and Oatsome.

The business school’s academic programs have been updated to reflect the most recent societal and economic shifts. The curriculum and teaching methods at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management have been modified to meet the changing needs of the start-up community. For example, some of their academic programs feature increasing amounts of content related to financial technology and business start-ups. That commitment led the school to develop specialized training to assist its students in dealing with ever-increasing data volumes.

4. WHU—Otto Beisheim School of Management

The Otto Beisheim School of Management at WHU is Germany’s best business school. The school’s four core values—community, globalism, entrepreneurship, and excellence—are all deeply held by the faculty and students. Particularly, in the field of finance, this helped them advance academically.

Furthermore, the university was ranked first in Germany for the Master of Finance in 2020 and was ranked 22nd globally at the time of publication. These accomplishments earned them the prestigious AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA triple accreditation.

The programs are designed to provide outstanding management education. Their programs can be completed in six semesters, thanks to a flexible curriculum and extensive support from WHU faculty and staff. WHU ensures that all its students will be fully equipped with the critical skills and fundamental knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly changing global business environment by the time you graduate.

5. University of Cologne Business School

The University of Cologne Business School is one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities, founded in 1388. This top business school ranks as Germany’s third-largest university. Management education has a long history of success at the university.

In Germany, the only MBA program is offered by the Cologne Business School. They are solely concerned with delivering high-quality professional development programs, particularly in the area of leadership. This is why the university is well-known throughout Europe for postgraduate studies.

Innovative teaching methods and presentations based on real-life practice, delivered by internationally acclaimed professors and lecturers, are what sets the University of Cologne’s Business School apart. Whether you’re interested in an Executive MBA, a customized course, or a seminar, the Business School has plenty to offer you.

Because they only offer a few degrees, their business school is unable to accept exchange students. Transfer students, on the other hand, as well as students from other countries, are warmly welcomed.


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