Studying Banking abroad means you can literally pick a country on a map and fly there. After all, most universities worldwide offer degree programs in this heavily significant field. However, studying abroad can be such a challenge that it is best to do it with guaranteed success. This means choosing a destination country that excels in producing Banking professionals.

If you’re looking to build a successful career, here are the best countries to study Banking abroad.

Best Countries to Study Banking

1. Lithuania

  • Reasons: Career prospects, learn a unique language, and internationally accredited universities and colleges

Lithuania, a country located in the Northeastern part of Europe, is one of the top countries to study banking abroad. There are various career prospects here for professionals in banking, credit, and other financial institutions. It also has a stable financial system, so getting employment here means you need not worry about your future. Also, bankers and financial institutions are one of the in-demand jobs in the country.

Another reason to study in Lithuania is its language. Although you’ll be learning about banking in English, staying in the country is a good reason to learn the Lithuanian language. It is also one of the unique languages in Europe, with only 3 million speakers. While the language is far from dying, it can help to have more people speak it.

Finally, Lithuania is home to internationally accredited universities and colleges. Here are some of the places where you can get your banking and related studies degree:

2. Italy

  • Reasons: well-established banking industry, top higher education institutions, better employment opportunities, and chance to explore the beautiful country

One of the best countries to study banking abroad is Italy. The history of banking can be traced back to this country, during the medieval and early Renaissance.

Affluent families, such as the Bardi and the Peruzzi families dominated the banking century in the 14th century and established their businesses across Europe. With such roots, Italy boasts of well-established banking industry, making it an ideal place for aspiring professionals in this field.

Another reason to choose Italy is its top higher education institutions. Besides joining the industry to learn Banking in practice, it is equally important to master the basics and theories. Some of the top universities for Banking in Italy are:

With a degree from a top university in Italy, you’ll have better employment opportunities in Europe or anywhere in the world. After all, companies look at your educational background and training as proof of your competency in the banking industry.

Finally, as you learn about banking and likely finance, you get a better outlook about managing your finances as you study abroad. And what better way to enjoy the fruits of your budgeting than to go touring this beautiful country. You’ll have the perfect chance to explore its old-world charm and historically significant sites. Of course, you also get the taste of the famous Italian dishes.

3. United Kingdom

  • Reasons: Learn from an international banking hub, plenty of jobs for banking professionals, great benefits for banking professionals, and globally recognized universities

The United Kingdom is also another country in Europe that is ideal to study banking. The country is known for being an international banking hub, which means that studying here offers the opportunity to learn banking from a global perspective.

Another reason to choose the United Kingdom is that the banking industry here is massive, that it has generated over $57.2 billion in income and has opened over 400,000 jobs. With many banks in the United Kingdom, you’ll guarantee a career here. And it’s not just a career, but more like a lucrative career. You’ll get a competitive salary and benefits, such as up to 30 days of paid holidays per year. Some companies go beyond by providing health plans, car and transport allowance, and sports facilities for their employees.

Of course, it’ll greatly help your chances to get a job in the United Kingdom if you studied at one of their top universities. Studying abroad is surely a massive step and it will be worth it if you can do it at a prestigious school. When it comes to Banking and its related fields, such as Finance, these are your top choices in the UK:

4. Australia

  • Reasons: Build a career in specialized areas in Banking, world-class facilities, and availability of jobs in various sectors

Besides Europe, another continent worth checking is Australia. Universities and higher education institutions offer specialized courses, which can help you build a career in the Banking industry. Some of the areas you can explore besides banking are financial planning, taxation, securities market, and funds management.

Besides the wide selection of study areas, the universities and colleges in Australia are also known for their world-class facilities. Set your sights on to the following institutions for your education:

These three universities took 18th, 19th, and 21st place respectively in the QS World University Ranking by subject 2021. It is pretty much a given that these universities are excellent options for quality education. However, excellent facilities and services can also positively affect your studies and stay in Australia.

With how strong and active the banking sector in Australia is, there is a great potential for employment. In addition to the local banks, you can also consider working at popular international banks, such as Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, and Westpac Bank.

5. Singapore

  • Reasons: Successful banking industry, a diverse range of courses, and top-rated schools in Asia

Among the best countries to study Banking is Singapore. This small country in Southeast Asia is considered an economic powerhouse, which makes it an ideal place to learn about Banking. The country is next to Japan and Hong Kong in having the largest International Finance Center. It has six local banks and over 110 foreign banks in the financial industry.

Besides the successful banking industry, Singapore universities offer a diverse range of courses for international students. You can choose an undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degree at these top-rated schools in Asia:

Not only are these universities top-rated in Asia, but they are also among the top 60 universities based on the 2021 QS World University rankings. With such quality education, Singapore is indeed one of the best countries to study Banking.


I hope this article on the best countries to study banking was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!