Biology is one of the famous college majors that students choose. If you’re considering entering medical school after your bachelor’s degree, biology is an excellent option for pre-med courses. Aside from that, there are tons of work opportunities opened for these biology majors.

Over the years, biology programs in every institution have increased and advanced. More and more universities worldwide offer biology as a college major, and countries have made different approaches and specializations for a better learning experience. Today, these universities produced quality graduates.

If you’re thinking of studying biology abroad, you’ve made the right decision! Globally, many universities and colleges offer biology, and they present great deals for every incoming student. In this article, let’s talk about the best countries for studying biology.

Best Countries to Study Biology

1. United States

  • Reason: Technologically advanced, excellent universities, and good research

Since the United States of America is considered one of the most technologically advanced countries globally, they offer excellent Biology programs for incoming international students. Also, if you’re looking for specialization in Biology, the United States has those study programs. The United States is probably the best country to study biology given the excellent universities. If you’re going to study here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your options, such as specialization, research study, and you’ll get the chance to be mentored by experienced instructors and professors.

A lot of universities in the United States are waiting for you. One of them, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the oldest and most prestigious university globally. Also, located in the heart of the United States, the Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, offers excellent life sciences or biology study programs.

2. Japan

  • Reason: Advanced teaching and research and hi-tech learning facilities

If you want to study in the eastern and northern parts of the globe, you can study Biology in one of Asia’s advanced countries, Japan. This country, located in East Asia, is known for its high rising technology and inventions.

Additionally, Japan places a high value on education. They have a high literacy rate, showing their emphasis on learning. So combined with their advancement in research and technology, you’ll experience quality education in their country. Japan’s discoveries about medicine and science-related things make them an excellent place to study Biology.

The University of Tokyo’s Department of Biological Sciences offers a unique perspective through research and learning. This university is the most selective institution in Japan. On the other hand, Kyoto University is the second oldest university in the country, and they are known for producing significant researches.

3. Fiji

  • Reason: Affordable tuition fees, numerous educational activities, and English-taught programs.

Located in Oceania, Fiji is made up of more than 300 islands. This country is known for its breathtaking natural views, and there are many tourist attractions in this country. A lot of foreigners visit this country to view these places. Aside from being a tourist attraction, Fiji is an excellent place to study biology.

Since Fiji has many natural sceneries such as beaches, parks, coral reefs, and more, it’s great to study life sciences here because you’ll get to experience and see the actual things you’re studying and learning. International students get to enjoy their education as they do different activities while learning. If you’re wondering about the language, here’s the good news: one of the official languages of Fiji is English, so you don’t need to worry about the language.

Universities in Fiji offer great deals such as quality learning at a reasonable cost. The University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, has a good reputation in teaching and research. If you choose to study biology here, you’ll get to meet different people and cultures.

4. The Netherlands

  • Reason: numerous specializations, low tuition fees

A northwestern European country, the Netherlands is famous for its windmills, tulips, and innovative technology. If you’re looking for a European country, the Netherlands is a perfect country to study biology as many universities offer biology in different degrees at a low price. International students have a lot of opportunities to study here while saving their pocket because the government of the Netherlands has subsidized the tuition fees to make it more affordable for local and international students.

If you choose to study biology here, you’ll have many options in choosing a specialization. Universities in the Netherlands offer a lot of majors in biology and life sciences. Radboud University and Utrecht University are some of the public universities in the Netherlands with different biology majors and degrees.

5. Australia

  • Reason: excellent educational system and working opportunities after graduation

If you want to explore the northern hemisphere of the world, you can study biology in Australia. This country, even it’s small in size, has an excellent educational system. They are known for their educational system as it creates a good learning background for every learner. Universities in Australia challenge their students by providing a healthy competitive environment. Also, after your graduation, there are tons of opportunities waiting for you in Australia.

Many international students enjoy studying here because they get to experience a lot of things that develop their skills. Universities such as the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland Australia, and Monash University offer biology programs.

6. Finland

  • Reason: excellent universities and affordable tuition fees

Bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia, Finland is known for its historical places, renowned artists, and high-ranking universities. For decades, the universities in this country have continued to excel in various fields, including biology. They have a well-known reputation in terms of their teaching, research, and overall higher education. Also, if you’re looking for affordable universities, Finland has a lot to offer.

The University of Helsinki is the oldest public university in Finland with programs in biology and environmental science. They provide world-class research to their students.

7. Germany

  • Reason: advanced learning system, well developed educational facilities

One of the popular countries for studying biology is Germany. German universities provide a wide range of learning opportunities for these students who pursue biology. Germany maximizes their highly developed system to give students more experience and practical learning in terms of the educational system.

Also, Germany has a good reputation for accommodating international students in their universities, so you’ll expect faster adjustment and learning. The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, established in 1472, is one of the oldest universities in the country that offers different specializations in Biology. On the other hand, Heidelberg University has an excellent international reputation, and it is one of the oldest universities in the world.


I hope this article on the best countries to study biology was informative and insightful. Make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!