Are you interested in beautifying your skin? Do you like styling your hair? Do you like taking care of your nails? The study of these things – skin, hair, and nails, is called cosmetology. These things might sound basic because these are personal care services, but it’s more than that. Cosmetologists specialize in beauty treatments, and it is a growing profession.

Cosmetology programs are available in many schools and universities. This area of study will focus on how personal care services work and how you can apply them to a real person. After your studies, you can get a license to practice. There are a lot of work opportunities in this field.

In today’s era, the cosmetology industry is rapidly growing. If you’re excited to explore this industry, you can take the next step by studying cosmetology abroad in these excellent countries. You’ll gain new techniques, perspective, and experience!

What is the Highest Degree That You can Earn for Cosmetology?

The highest degree that you can get for cosmetology is an associate degree, which is two (2) years. Community colleges, universities, or cosmetology schools have set their curriculums, classes, and training for cosmetology that are completable in two years. However, depending on your chosen course or specialty, there are cosmetology courses that can be completed in six (6) months to one (1) year.

Is Cosmetology In Demand?

The answer is yes. The cosmetology industry is expected to grow in the following years because of many reasons. One, the earth’s population is growing, and more people, regardless of their age and gender, need cosmetology services. Secondly, with the influence of social media and the internet, more people are becoming interested in the cosmetology field.

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Best Countries to Study Cosmetology

1. United Kingdom

  • Reasons: Broad career opportunities, various specializations, and practical learning experience

As the cosmetic industry in the United Kingdom continues to grow, more and more British colleges and universities offer cosmetology. Since the United Kingdom has a broad beauty industry because of its population and global influences, the United Kingdom is an excellent country to study cosmetology. Their educational institutions have various specializations that incoming students can choose from. They experience hands-on learning, and as a result, after their chosen programs, they are more knowledgeable and skilled.

After graduation, cosmetology students have broad career opportunities in the country. Since it’s in demand, they can expect the jobs to be available and easily practice their specializations. The London College of Fashion offers various cosmetology and related programs for undergraduate and other degrees. The London School of Beauty & Makeup offers different courses and programs in cosmetology and personal care.

2. France

  • Reasons: Modernized learning facilities, exceptional mentors, and wide international students community

Aside from the fashion industry, the beauty industry of France has a good reputation. The products and personal care services are widely used in and out of the country. Back in history, french makeup played a big role in society. If you’re going to study here, you’ll gain a new perspective on cosmetology and learn from the best mentors in the field.

Additionally, France is a popular country to study cosmetology for international students, and it has a large student community. You’ll easily adapt while studying cosmetology. Schools offering cosmetology in France have modernized facilities designed to help their students. The ITM Paris has been a well-known makeup school for years specializing in cinema, fashion, and others. Paris Beauty Academy also offers diplomas and certificates in cosmetology.

3. United States

  • Reasons: top-performing colleges and universities, creative teaching, and work opportunities

The United States has the largest cosmetic and personal care market globally that generated billions of money. This industry is continuously growing, and more educational institutions offer cosmetology and related programs. International cosmetology students enjoy their studies as these schools emphasize creative or innovative teaching to help them learn more in the field. Moreover, the good thing about studying cosmetology here is that there are plenty of employment opportunities.

The United States is also the home of top-performing universities and colleges in various fields of study. The Golden West College has cosmetology, esthetics, and barbering programs, and the Idaho State University also offers these programs in certificate degrees.

4. South Korea

  • Reasons: Employment opportunities, quality education, and strong academic foundation

Have you ever heard of K-beauty or Korean skincare? It’s one of the most popular skincare routines that South Korea introduced globally. Before it became famous, South Korea had a long history of cosmetology, as they produced products or services for personal care. Combined with their high standards for education, South Korea is an excellent place to study cosmetology.

South Korea’s cosmetology industry is continuously growing, and it shows that there are a lot of job opportunities for local and international students. These are some of the reasons why South Korea is one of the top countries to study cosmetology. Yonsei University is one of the leading institutions in the country that provides programs in cosmetology. On the other hand, Kyung Hee University also has programs related to cosmetology, and they have a well-known reputation in the continent.

5. Canada

  • Reasons: Hands-on training, high employment rate, and various specializations

Known for providing world-class education, Canada is one of the best countries to study cosmetology because it has educational institutions that offer degrees and programs in Cosmetology. This country is famous for many reasons, and along with that, their beauty or personal care industry performs well. Over the years, their techniques in beautifying women have had a global impact. As a cosmetology student here, you’ll experience hands-on training in the industry.

Also, Canada has a high employment rate, and you choose from various specializations. For example, Durham College offers a Cosmetic Techniques and Management program designed for students interested in learning different makeup and personal care skills.

6. Australia

  • Reasons: Excellent higher education and state-of-the-art facilities

Going to Oceania, many international students choose Australia as their next place for studies. This country is known for producing competent graduates in various fields. If you’re going here to study cosmetology, you’ll have fun learning in a multicultural environment as they provide quality education with modernized educational facilities. International students develop the skills and knowledge they need, specifically in cosmetology.

The Australian National College of Beauty is known in the country for its programs related to cosmetology. Another school, the Academia Institute, is famous among local and foreign students for its programs in cosmetology and related fields. They have several campuses in Australia that you can choose from.

7. South Africa

  • Reasons: Experienced mentors and instructors, practical training, and quality teaching

Aside from being a tourist destination, South Africa is another country for studying cosmetology because it provides quality higher education to local and international students. Their educational institutions have experienced mentors that offer extensive training for students. International students taking cosmetology and related programs experience practical training and classes to help them learn and improve the skill sets they need.

The University of Cape Town is a public university with a high reputation in South Africa and globally. International students in the university experience quality teaching. They have programs and degrees in cosmetology and cosmetic science.


I hope this article on the best countries to study cosmetology was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!