When choosing programs to pursue in college, many high school graduates that are good in Math consider Engineering. While this subject is particularly relevant in Engineering, there are other reasons why this field should be at the top of your college options.

Engineering opens doors to various specializations and industries. Some of the popular ones are automotive, manufacturing, industrial, computer science, and quite recently, aerospace. Becoming an Engineer means you’ll be at the frontlines of technological advancement and have that unique power to bring change to the modern world.

With so much potential for professional growth, it makes sense to go after universities that can provide you the best education. For that, studying abroad can be highly advantageous for you. Just make sure to choose the best countries to study Engineering, and you’ll be set for a successful and lucrative career.

Best Countries to Study Engineering Abroad

1. Germany

  • Reasons: Plenty of Engineering institutions, increased job prospects, and learn from global companies

Germany is home to over 300 higher education institutions, providing plenty of choices for international students. Some of these institutions are top universities recognized by the 2021 QS World University rankings in Engineering. These include the following universities:

For its high-quality education, German engineers can find work anywhere in the world. International students from German institutions also enjoy the same increased job prospects. These institutions also provide intensive training and preparation to become a specialized Engineer.

Studying in Germany also opens the opportunity to train in and acquire practical knowledge in global companies. These include BMW, Bosch, and Daimler. With such preparation in your career, you can pursue an Engineering career and join top companies worldwide.

2. Spain

  • Reasons: Rich industry, education system, and study options

Spain is another popular country to study Engineering. It is because the country shows active participation in technology, industry, and commerce globally. The rich industry makes it an ideal place to learn Engineering, as it covers various subfields and specializations. Not only will you learn about theoretical knowledge but you’ll also see the practical application of your chosen Engineering field.

Additionally, Spain has an education system that promotes active learning. It delivers through a project-based curriculum, providing learning opportunities through real-life problems and scenarios. In short, you’ll feel more invested in your chosen Engineering field because you’ll understand how relevant it is in people’s lives.

Here are some of the top Engineering universities in Spain:

Some institutions in Spain offer two study options for aspiring Engineers. If you’re looking to finish your studies in less time, there is a three-year Engineering course option, which is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. This awards the degree holder a Technical Engineering qualification.

On the other hand, you can opt for a five-year Engineering program, providing you with more qualifications in a specialized field of study.

3. United States

  • Reasons: Early specialization, state-of-the-art facilities, undisputed top universities, and opportunity to work anywhere in the world

When it comes to studying Engineering, the United States is without a doubt the best country to study engineering for international students. Universities in the US allow students to work on their specialization as early as the first year of their bachelor’s studies. This means that you’ll have more time to master your chosen Engineering field.

Besides that, research funding for the STEM and Engineering subjects allows universities to provide state-of-the-art facilities. Having these surely drives better academic performance and output among their Engineering students.

Besides the facilities and equipment, top universities in the US are also undisputed performers worldwide. According to the 2021 QS World University Rankings in Engineering, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the best among all Engineering schools and universities worldwide. While it can be challenging to enter this school, there are other excellent universities in the country you can choose from:

With an Engineering degree from any of these schools, you’ll have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

4. Turkey

  • Reasons: Interdisciplinary fields in Engineering, availability of English-taught courses, and blending of East and West culture

Turkey makes it to the list of the best countries to study Engineering. Top universities here not only focus on producing globally competent professionals, but they also incorporate interdisciplinary studies in teaching Engineering. This means that as an Engineering student in Turkey, you’ll have the chance to learn your specialization in relation to other fields, such as logistics and business management. Because of this, Turkey recently has an increase in the number of startup companies, particularly in the technology industry.

Since the country attracts quite a number of international students, universities in Turkey have also started offering more English-taught programs. Some of the higher education institutions you might want to consider for an Engineering degree are the following:

It is no secret that becoming an Engineering student can be quite taxing and challenging. This is especially true if you’re also an international student. Fortunately, the blending of Eastern and Western culture in Turkey offers you a unique way to destress from schoolwork. You can explore the ancient and historical sites, and later enjoy sumptuous feasts of Turkish cuisines.

5. Italy

  • Reasons: Progressive education approach, scholarships for international students, and top-performing universities

Italy is another country you should consider when choosing to study engineering abroad. It is because higher educational institutions here employ a progressive approach. Education reforms promote sustainability and innovation, the driving force in most Engineering feats. In turn, the country is fast becoming an academic hub, attracting international students from different countries.

Another reason to choose Italy is the availability of scholarship programs for international students. Through a government scholarship, you can even pursue a Master’s or Doctorate education in Engineering.

Some universities also offer scholarships to international students. Besides the financial advantages, these top-performing universities also ensure you’ll become a competent Engineer in your chosen field:


I hope this article on the best countries to study engineering was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.