Hotel management calls for a standard of excellence in planning, service, and finances. The hospitality industry continues to develop and hotel managers must be quick to adapt to the latest changes. While we face a pandemic, hotel managers have a lot of learning and experimenting to do to welcome the new normal of hospitality. Hotels and other establishments don’t have to stay closed!

Good hotel managers have an array of skills that education and experience can provide. If you like to lead people, connect and widen your network, and perhaps dream of opening your own establishment, hotel management is for you! Relax; we are here to share the best countries to study hotel management with their top universities.

Best Countries to Study Hotel Management

1. Switzerland

  • Reasons: pioneer of hotel and hospitality management, world-class education, a high employment rate

Did you know that the first Hotel Management institute in the world is situated in Switzerland? Swiss education has become the standard in hotel management, hospitality, and the applied sciences. Worldwide, Switzerland is the best country to study hotel management because Swiss institutes dominate the rankings of hotel and hospitality management schools.

The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) of Switzerland is regarded as the world’s leading hospitality university. They approach with a perfect balance between academic excellence and industry practice, with 96% of EHL graduates successfully employed by graduation. EHL offers hospitality and business education and solutions to an international student population of 120 nationalities. Tuition fees vary by course and semester; 2019 tuition costs for international students range from $22,620 to $32,000 per semester.

The Les Roches Global Hospitality Education is another leading hospitality institute in Switzerland. Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in hospitality, tourism, and event management, Les Roches blends practical experience, internships, industry visits, and Swiss-quality education together to mold students for the international scene of hospitality. More than 100 nationalities come together and study in Le Roches; the three campuses in Switzerland, Spain, and China cultivate a diverse and culturally aware learning environment. Depending on the campus and course, tuition fees range from $24,000 to $140,000.

2. The Netherlands

  • Reasons: subsidized tuition fees, leading figure in applied sciences, serene surroundings

It is a well-known fact that Dutch universities attract students from all over the world. With their highly subsidized tuition fees and premier education, who’s going to say no to such an offer? The Netherlands became one of the top countries to study hotel management in recent years.

The picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands are an added bonus for students who aspire to make a career out of hotel and hospitality management. Hotelschool The Hague is ‘at the heart of hospitality’ and is the country’s internationally acclaimed institute for hospitality. They offer undergraduate and master’s degree programs for hospitality management to students of 60 different nationalities.

The Hotel School the Hague also houses a renowned research center which is a testament to the institute’s specialization in research and innovation of the hospitality industry. An average of 3,000 students is enrolled per year, and international students pay yearly tuition starting at $13,963 (undergraduate) and $22,653 (masters).

3. Hong Kong

  • Reasons: culturally diverse, work-integrated studying, hot spot for work and business opportunities

Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures. “East meets West” is perfectly embodied by the bright lights, towering buildings, and numerous noodle and dumpling shops lining down the streets of Hong Kong. It is also a financial hub, and hotel management students can definitely have firsthand experience in the industry they aspire to join.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), is Asia’s #1 Hospitality and Management Institute. Their School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) gains international recognition for maximizing the university’s work-integrated approach to education. Students apply what they learned in class and immerse themselves in the industry of hospitality. PolyU offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees in various courses such as hotel management and hospitality business. International students are welcome for both regular and student exchange programs. Tuition for non-local undergraduate students costs around $19,000 per year.

4. Australia

  • Reasons: strong peer support and connections, opportunities for adventure

Australia appeals to adventurous people– the natural sites and climate that are distinctly Australian make it a favorite travel destination. The hotel and tourism business management in the Land Down Under must have some secret recipe in their success, don’t you think?

Australia ranks among the premier educators of the hospitality industry. With the sheer number of visitors, they have streamlined their services and management. Griffith University ranks 1st place in Australia for their Hospitality and Tourism field; they offer bachelor and master’s programs like international tourism and hotel management.

What sets Griffith University apart from others? They are dedicated to delivering quality education to international students. Griffith University proudly promotes Griffith Mates, the university’s support peer network for international students which helps in the students’ orientation and settling in Australia. A year’s worth of tuition at Griffith University starts at $23,223 (bachelor) and $25,507 (master’s).

5. New Zealand

  • Reasons: hospitable locals, multicultural learning background, on-campus practical skills training

Next on our list of best countries to study hotel management in New Zealand. The Global Peace Index ranks New Zealand as the second most peaceful country in the world. Kiwis are also known for welcoming people from all walks of life as New Zealand is a multicultural center; what better way for international students to feel comfortable in a new study situation?

New Zealand’s love for the outdoors and adventure cultivated a hospitality industry that goes above and beyond international standards. Hotel management students have the luxury of enjoying the Kiwi weather and scenery while honing their skills in hotel management.

The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is the second-largest university in the country offering hotel management degrees. AUT boasts a culturally diverse student population hailing from 140 different countries, and an equally varied roster of academic staff. AUT’s Bachelor of International Tourism Management received the seal of approval from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

AUT offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and short course programs. Work experience is also a significant component in AUT’s curriculum; students immerse themselves in the university’s very own training restaurants which are also open to the public. International tuition fees range from $10,000 to $25,000 yearly, depending on the program level and course.

6. Canada

  • Reasons: affordable living and study expenses, safe and peaceful environment, working student opportunities, practical skills training, and employment opportunities

Canada tops the favorite destination of international students; an estimated 500,000 students yearly come to Canada to advance their studies. Studying in Canada is considerably more affordable, and international students can also work over the summer without a work permit. Not to mention, Canada ranks the tenth most peaceful country in the world according to the 2020 Global Peace Index; personal safety in Canada is pretty much guaranteed.

Canada is known as the land of opportunities and immigrants; 300,000 immigrants are said to come to Canada every year, hoping for a new start in life, or to get reunited with their loved ones. The hospitality industry has numerous opportunities to flourish while helping immigrants settle in a new environment or reunite with loved ones.

The SAIT-Polytechnic School of Hospitality and Tourism is Canada’s leading hospitality school. Offering diploma and degree programs for hospitality and tourism management, SAIT provides the groundwork for students to work managerial positions or even launch their own establishments. Students get to have hands-on experience in the field by training in an on-campus restaurant. International tuition fees cost around $30,000 per year.

7. Singapore

  • Reasons: high quality of life, premier educational system, highly sought after by employers

Wrapping up our list of excellent countries to study hotel management in Singapore. Dubbed as the Most Expensive City in the world, Singapore boasts a high quality of life that international students can get to experience alongside getting a taste of the elite Singaporean education system they have. Like Hong Kong, Singapore is a financial hub of world-class reputation, and employers are bound to seek out fresh graduates and introduce them to the workforce.

Hospitality is a thriving industry in Singapore and hotel management students can benefit from learning up-close. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore delivers world-class hotel management education. Their hospitality management division placed in the country’s top-ranking hospitality management schools. They offer bachelor and diploma programs in hospitality management, hotel management, and hospitality management and leadership. Tuition fees start at $17,000 yearly.


I hope this article on the best countries to study hotel management was informative and insightful. To know more information like this, check out the Available Programs for International Students!