Companies are willing to pay large amounts of money for your organizing and multitasking skills, so why not improve and grow in an international setting? Here, we will be looking at the best countries to study human resource management abroad.

All around the world, businesses are opening and growing at lightning speed. Employees deserve only the best in welfare and development, and human resource management majors like you can make that possible. Human resource (HR) management overlooks the management and motivation of employees in companies. In a highly competitive industry, studying HR management abroad is your best bet to take a deep dive into the workflow and structure of multinational companies and global leaders in the business sector.

Best Countries to Study Human Resource Management

1. United Kingdom

  • Reasons: high standard of education, attractive career opportunities, outstanding global perspective

Known for the iconic red buses, rainy weather, and tea time, the United Kingdom is a solid country to study human resource management as it welcomes at least 500,000 international students every year. The UK is a melting pot of culture, innovation, and research and development. As the world’s second-largest business center, the UK also innovates in keeping employees satisfied and protected. HR management actively looks for competent young professionals, and you could be one of the many aspirants proudly holding on to a UK-certified degree.

HR management majors may consider Aston University, a public research university in Birmingham, England. It offers undergraduate and graduate-level human resource management programs with a focus on psychology and human relations. Aston University is among the few universities to deliver an HR program as a stand-alone major. A year of studies at Aston University costs around $27,000.

2. Canada

  • Reasons: a supportive community, thrilling ski resorts, highly productive

Canada’s respectful locals and safe atmosphere intrigue people far and wide. The towering maple trees and delicious maple syrup poured on a stack of fluffy pancakes can be your everyday scene if you choose to study in Canada. It is open land for immigrants with boundless work opportunities in various local and multinational companies. An internationally knowledgeable character in HR management is indispensable in Canada, so how about catching that next flight to Canada?

Canada’s accommodations for international students include a broad offering of degree programs and certifications, stable career opportunities, and a chance to migrate the students’ families. Canada is home to some of the best schools in this subject, making Canada one of the best countries to study human resource management abroad. The HEC Montreal is a public business school in Montreal, Quebec. HEC Montreal offers a diploma and master’s degree in human resource management. It also delivers classes in both the French and English languages. A year of studying in HEC Montreal can cost around $24,000.

3. Spain

  • Reasons: diverse climate, friendly locals, lively nightlife

Spain is a favorite destination for tourists, business investors, and international students alike. The Spanish food and culture are alive in the streets, a cultural experience like no other. HR management majors like you can expect to immerse in the growth and development of Spain in addressing personnel needs and benefits of both public and private business sectors.

Spain is a diverse and innovative country. It faces and accepts human resource challenges like salaries and performance appraisal. Despite that, Spain still performs well economically and financially. The EU Business School is a private business school with campuses in Barcelona. Munich, Geneva and Montreux. Professionally accredited, The EU Business School offers an MBA in human resources management. You can quickly complete your MBA in a year and pursue careers in recruitment, personnel management, and labor relations. Tuition fees for the EU Business School range from $4,000 to $8,000 per academic term.

4. Italy

  • Reasons: world-class wine and vineyards, quality healthcare services, strong international relations

Technologically advanced and meshing tradition with innovative thinking, Italy is a destination that can meet your expectations. Beautiful coastal towns, grand art displays, and decadent food and fashion are the cherries on top of studying abroad in Italy. The country also boasts of multinational companies, providing background for you to pick up tips and tricks from different perspectives.

Italy is a global intellectual center. As a human resource management major, dedicated business schools in Italy cater to some of the world’s best business and management programs. The Rome Business School offers both online and on-campus degree programs. It offers a specialized master’s degree in human resources management, training you to be competent and flexible in international human resources. Tuition fees for the Rome Business School’s master’s program cost $17,000 per year.

5. New Zealand

  • Reasons: high quality of life, supportive government, vibrant natural sights

New Zealand may be small in land area, but it is full of opportunities for adventure, knowledge, and careers. New Zealand has also steadily gained praise from all across the globe because of its inclusive and transparent government. While New Zealand is known as a site for volunteer work, New Zealand is an excellent country for human resource management majors like you will benefit from the multicultural perspective and sectors of society that the land of the Kiwis provides.

With the world’s 14th-best education system, New Zealand is a popular study destination catering to around 120,000 international students every year. The number of companies and businesses with generous career offers in the country also presents a rising demand for skillful human resource managers to protect and manage employees. The Manukau Institute of Technology in Auckland delivers technical, vocational, and professional education in New Zealand. Fitting for HR management majors like you, This institution offers human resource management at both undergraduate and graduate levels. A well-rounded foundation in accounting, economics, and culture trains you for a bright future ahead of you as a human resource management graduate. A year of studying at this institution can cost around $13,000.

6. Philippines

  • Reasons: very cheap tuition costs, high demand for skilled professionals, savory Filipino food and delicacies

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Orient,” the Philippines is known for its hospitable people. The Philippines’ temperate weather and clear beaches attract foreigners from more chilly countries. Foreign investors and businesses favor settling in the Philippines because of the people’s value for hard work and perseverance.

The Philippine job market for human resources is growing at a steady rate. Employee training and talent management are in full swing, and the demand for professional human resources managers increases. The University of Sto. Tomas (UST) is one of the top four universities in the Philippines. UST offers a Master’s degree in human resource management. This program focuses on developing your strategic thinking, the philosophical definition of business, and an appreciation for research statistics. UST’s tuition fees range from $185 to $600 per year.

7. United Arab Emirates

  • Reasons: high-tech facilities, winding deserts, delicious Arab cuisine

You may be surprised to find UAE on our list of best countries to study human resource management abroad. However, the United Arab Emirates is among the most developed economies in the Middle East. It invests in the development of industries such as oil and gas, trading, and foreign business. Now, the UAE is the business center of the Middle East, with flourishing tourist attractions and progressive financial centers. The country’s complex HR environment continuously inspires the UAE to improve its management systems and professionalism.

The UAE’s workforce is dependent on professional expats. Even before the need for human resources management, the UAE was always looking out for globally competent human capital. The University of Wollongong in Dubai is an international university with Australian-based teaching. It offers a bachelor’s degree in human resource management, where you learn to motivate and develop the professional levels of employees. Tuition fees cost around $15,000 a year.


I hope this article on the best countries to study human resource management was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.