While many people claim not to like it, you might be one of those who consider a Mathematics degree. There are many reasons why this makes a viable option to pursue a lucrative career. One of those is that with a Mathematics degree, you can explore various industries, from computer systems and technology to manufacturing to banking and finance. It is, indeed, the language of the universe.

Additionally, you can study Mathematics in many academic institutions worldwide. If you want to become an international student, make sure to check the top countries to study Mathematics abroad.

Best Countries to Study Mathematics Abroad

1. Singapore

  • Reasons: Highly effective curriculum, world-class universities, multicultural society, and language

When it comes to studying Mathematics, Singapore is indeed one of the best countries to go to. Singaporean students are popular for their high mathematical abilities, and educational institutions here are the main contributors. Particularly, their highly effective curriculum puts students at a greater advantage compared to students from other countries.

Additionally, Singaporean Universities offer Mathematics degree programs, Bachelor’s and Masters, for international students. These world-class universities can help you acquire valuable skills, knowledge, and mindsets to pursue a career in Mathematics:

  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore University of Social Sciences

The National University of Singapore placed 9th in the 2021 QS World University rankings in Mathematics, while Nanyang took 31st place.

Another reason to choose Singapore is its multicultural society. It can be a challenge for international students to live in a country with a singular culture, but such is not the case with Singapore. Because of that, you can meet people from all walks of life, be confident with your culture and learn about others. And, you can do all these without having to learn an entirely new language, as English is widely spoken in Singapore.

2. China

  • Reasons: Specialized courses, opportunities to further study, and top-performing universities

China is among the top countries to study Mathematics. Universities offer specialized courses to help students develop competence, knowledge and practical application in their career prospects. Some of the core courses you’ll learn in Chinese universities are analysis science, probability theory, mathematical history and experiments, algebra, and physics.

Bachelor’s studies in China typically last four years. Although in some courses, you might be able to take less time to complete your degree. An excellent thing about choosing China is that you can pursue further studies if you want to level up your academic competency and be more qualified in the industry. You can take a Master’s degree in Mathematics for two years. If you want to go into research, pursuing a doctorate degree can take up to five years. Generally, the better your educational credentials are, the better your chances of getting employment compared to other candidates.

The 2021 QS World University rankings in Mathematics listed the following universities in the top 100:

3. Russia

  • Reasons: Availability of the specializations, internships in global companies, and affordability

One of the best countries to study Mathematics abroad in Russia. There are various specializations you can choose from, such as Data Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Data Mining, and Mathematical Simulation. With a specialization, you can explore a specific field and follow a mastery track.

Studying in Russia also provides the unique opportunity to experience internships in global companies, such as Huawei and Yandex. Besides quality education, these universities also provide excellent practical learning experience through their affiliation with private businesses and organizations:

These and other educational institutions in Russia are also affordable for international students. You can expect to pay between $2,000 and $ 8,000 per academic year. As for study-related and living costs, you can budget at least $1500 per year. Meanwhile, accommodation costs depend significantly on your destination city.

4. South Korea

  • Reasons: World-class facilities, research opportunities, and employment opportunities

South Korea is also an excellent choice when it comes to pursuing degree studies in Mathematics. Top universities focus on providing high-quality education through well-established academic tracks. These are the following:

Of course, it also helps that these universities have world-class facilities. It is typical to see dedicated libraries, seminar rooms, workstation rooms, and computer laboratories in a South Korean school.

South Korean universities also offer opportunities for international students looking to explore Mathematical research. Some of the major fields for research are Algebra and Number Theory, Applied Mathematics, and Knot and Topology.

Finally, having a degree from a prestigious university in South Korea attracts employers from around the world. You can either learn more about the Korean culture and language as you work here or take your degree to other countries and establish your career there. Ultimately, having a degree in Mathematics from South Korea gives you the ability to make a choice on where you want to work.

5. Taiwan

  • Reasons: Specially-designed curriculum, foreigner-friendly cities, and scholarships for international students

Joining the list of top study destinations for a degree in Mathematics is Taiwan. Through its specially designed curriculum, you’ll learn Mathematics to pursue a successful career. Top-ranking universities in the country design their curriculum in a combination of theoretical and practical aspects of Mathematics.

For example, the first two years of a bachelor’s program include fundamental topics, like Linear Algebra and Advanced Calculus. On the other hand, the next two years include theoretical instruction in applied programs, such as Computer Science and Financial Mathematics.

Here are some of the top universities in Taiwan that use this curriculum:

Taiwan is also a popular tourist destination, making its cities foreigner-friendly. Many establishments use different languages, such as English, Korean, and Japanese, to help people navigate. As an international student, you can unwind and destress by exploring its tourist hotspots, such as Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, and the Taroko Gorge.

If you’re looking to experience the country to the fullest, you’ll need to prepare your finances. Fortunately, the Taiwanese government offers various scholarships to international students. These can cover your tuition costs and provide you with monthly stipends.


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