Dance is a field of specialized study that includes a vast amount of knowledge in applied and theoretical fields of dancing. In most cases, institutes will offer performance opportunities and choreography learnings with their curriculums. In another scenario, they can also learn the physiology of dancers and how to utilize it in perfecting the subject of dance. This is because opportunities are not only limited to performing, they can be broadened to teaching and even therapy.

In the field of dancing, injury is common, especially since dancers almost always have to utilize their body when it comes to their chosen careers, that’s why in some curriculums, institutes would add an injury prevention course. It is an integral learning opportunity as it lessens the dancer’s chance of injury which if not properly addressed, may cost them their time or even their career. In this article, we will be looking at the best schools for dance in the world!

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Top Dance Schools in the World

1. The Juilliard School, United States

While the dance program in The Juilliard School is only offering a major, it is not short when it comes to its quality of teaching. The Juilliard School is one of the best schools for dance in the world as students here learn from foundational teaching as well as innovative contemporary ones which allows them to enjoy both the present and the past. The four-year program not only teaches them technical training but also choreography techniques which prepares them for their careers in the industry.

The dance division in this university provides 30 performances that can be enjoyed by the public yearly. They have a dance calendar for every performance opportunity in The Juilliard School, which allows students to pace themselves and schedule their performances ahead of time. Furthermore, there are also off-campus opportunities that are commonly utilized by the students to further gain knowledge and experience in the field of Dance.

2. Brenau University, United States

Brenau University is a top university for dance across the globe that offers Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Advanced Dance, and Dance Pedagogy as its concentrations under the Dance Program. In this university, students will get to know more about concert dance styles, as the emphasis of the program. It seeks to give foundational knowledge on classical ballet and modern dance, using multiple jazz techniques along the way.

Here, students will be able to learn through a transformative curriculum, preparing them to navigate the world and its contemporary ways, not only will they be flexible, but they’ll be able to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the future. Moreover, they try to ensure equity or equal access in an international setting. This is because they want their constituents to have a worldview perspective of the world.

3. Skidmore College, United States

Skidmore College is among the best institution for dance in the world that has two tracks to choose from, Performance/Choreography or Dance Research. The first track is more of an applied degree in dance wherein students will get to learn about choreography, dance production, and etcetera. The other track deals with the theoretical side of dance, even learning the anatomy and kinesiology for dancers.

The students of this university are well-versed with performance, with their dance department producing two major concerts every year. It contains pieces of the faculty members of the department and even commissioned works by guests that are well-known in the industry. This gives its students multiple opportunities to gain experience by applying what they’ve learned through the yearly performance/s.

5. 4. Edith Cowan University, Australia

Their dance program is focused on contemporary dance, teaching students the necessary skills using performances, classroom practice, and intensive training. Not only will they train students to physical excellence, but they’ll also integrate creativity into the curriculum. Additionally, the university also uses the perspective of dance as an art form and even as an educational insight.

Edith Cowan University is one of the best universities for dance across the globe and has consistently ranked as the highest public school for undergraduates in Australia, cumulating a 5-star rating for its undergraduate teaching quality which has been consistently awarded to the university for fifteen years, proving their top ranking in the country.

5. Falmouth University, United Kingdom

Falmouth University is another leading university for dance across the globe and is a university of collaboration, students will have the chance to work with students from other interests, giving them a view of dance from a different perspective/practice. Aside from students, the university also allows collaboration from people in the same industry such as Company Chameleon, Ballet Lorent, and Siobhan Davies.

This university allows its students to build their practice in choreography and innovative performance. The curriculum, which thrives on collaboration, makes for a creative space within the learnings of the students, they will also be able to bridge the connection between practice and theory which is an integral part of a dancer’s principles.

6. Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Australia

Expected post-graduate careers in this university allow their students to further explore their interests in dance and performance, professional work such as a studio dance teacher or choreographer can be attained through their advanced study and extensive curriculum, especially in the student’s chosen genre and choreography.

The Academy of Music and Performing Arts is known for its excellent dance curriculum in the world that is mostly focused on the practice of dance, with their courses mostly focused on teaching the students technique and composition in Dance. Moreover, they also have the time to learn about Dance History and Appreciation, which dives into a more theoretical rather than applied approach to the subject.

7. Bird College, United Kingdom

The Bachelor’s in Bird College doesn’t only encompass dance but musical theatre as well. With a mix of the two subjects, students here can expect extensive training when it comes to performing arts such as acting, ballet, and even singing as they go through the university’s curriculum.

Moreover, it allows students an opportunity to perform in front of industry employers wherein most of their graduates were employed. There’s a high rate of students who were satisfied with the curriculum as well as the faculty who were in charge of their learnings. This shows that the university is impeccable when it comes to satisfying the students’ needs and wants, giving them the knowledge necessary for their future careers in dance.


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