Hospitality professionals deal with the operation of hotels, restaurants, recreational establishments, airlines, and cruise ships. Formally studying the discipline in a good school prepares you for a career in one of the most diverse and fastest-growing industries in the world.

There are so many roles you can fill, including chefs, event specialists, housekeeping directors, and tour guides to name a few. As technology advances and lifestyles evolve, these professionals have to adapt quickly to accommodate the guests’ ever-changing tastes and preferences.

Hospitality management schools provide you with the foundational knowledge of running its related businesses through rigorous academic coursework and internships. By the end of your studies, you can confidently jump into a career and contribute meaningfully to the industry. Having good foundational knowledge can also help you land higher management positions in just a few years.

Whether you’re aiming to work at a luxury brand or operate your budget-friendly alternative, choosing the right school to train you is a crucial decision. If you’re planning on studying in Europe, here are some of its best hospitality management schools.

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Top Hospitality Management Schools in Europe

1. Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne

Among the best hospitality management schools in Europe, the Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland is the first hotel school ever established in the world. It opened in 189 when the country’s demand for qualified hospitality personnel was rapidly increasing. Today, it is considered the world’s best school for hospitality management. Over 200 international companies visit every year to offer job and internship invitations to students and alumni.

EHL offers BS International Hospitality Management, MS Global Hospitality Business, MS Wine and Hospitality Management, and MBA in Hospitality.

Classes are being conducted on two campuses: one in Lausanne, which is built like a modern business hotel, and another in Passugg, which is built with a mountain-resort style. Each campus has facilities specific to their hotel styles to provide students with a breadth of experience.

2. Oxford Brookes University

First founded in 1865, the Oxford Brookes University (OBU) in the UK has a rich history in developing quality education. The hospitality and management program is recognized as one of the best in the world and has a long list of awards to prove it.

OBU offers BSc International Hospitality & Tourism Management, MSc Global Events Management, MSc International Hospitality, Events & Tourism Management, and MSc International Tourism Management.

Aside from having a student-centered and interactive curriculum, OBU is also recognized as one of Europe’s leading hospitality management schools as it offers an exceptional practical education through its top-notch facilities. The school also conducts the Bacchus Mentoring Program, which links students to an industry professional who can give them one-on-one training during their last academic year. Through this program, students gain valuable advice from professionals at the forefront of the industry. OBU has gathered over 150 mentors to participate in the program – each with his or her unique specialization – to cater to the diverse interests of the students.

3. University of Surrey

The University of Surrey (US) takes pride in producing the most highly-employable hospitality graduates in the UK. Graduates of US have a guaranteed competitive edge because the school’s curriculum is designed to develop creativity, digital competency, and knowledge on environmental sustainability through the years.

For undergraduates of this top hospitality management institution, US offers Bsc International Event Management, BSc International Hospitality Management, BSc International Hospitality & Tourism Management, BSc International Tourism Management with Transport. An employability masterclass is conducted once a year, where industry professionals talk about their real-world experiences.

For postgraduates, the school offers MSc Air Transport Management, MSc International Events Management, MSc International Tourism Management, MSc Strategic Hotel Management, and MSc International Hotel Management with Digital Innovation. Towards the end of their academic journey, postgraduate students put their knowledge to the test by completing a dissertation.

4. Glion Institute of Higher Education

Glion Institute of Higher Education is internationally recognized as the best school for hospitality & luxury management. It has three campuses, two of them situated in Switzerland and one in London. The school combines coursework, practical education, and professional internships to develop a curriculum that would best train students to become leaders in the modern hospitality industry.

Glion offers a 3.5-year Bachelor in International Hospitality Business. Students must undergo two internships which will allow them to gain a full year of work experience. In the final semester, students must choose a specialization and gain further training in the area of their choice. There are three specializations to choose from, namely: Luxury Brand Strategy, International Hotel Development, International Event Management.

Postgraduates have four career-focused Master’s degree options to choose from. Glion offers MS International Hospitality Business, MS Hospitality Entrepreneurship & Innovation, MS Luxury Management, and MS Real Estate, Finance & Hotel Development. During the first year, Master’s students join a business field trip organized by Glion where they can connect with top companies in the industry.

5. Business and Hotel Management School

Another one of Europe’s best hospitality management schools, Business and Hotel Management School (BHMS) in Switzerland is known for focusing more on practical education. While most schools only require a 12-month internship from their undergraduates, BHMS requires 18 months.

BHMS offers BA Hospitality Management, MS International Hospitality Business Management. The school places utmost importance on industry training for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and assists with finding placement in local and international hotels. Most students complete their internships in a Marriot, Movenpick, or Crown Plaza hotel.

6. Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

Founded in 1979, Les Roches has established itself as one of the most innovative schools in hospitality. It now has two campuses in Europe, one in Switzerland and one in Spain. Remote study options are also available for those who can’t travel to the campuses of this top hospitality management school.

For undergraduates, Les Roches offers BBA Global Hospitality Management. It features a curriculum that promotes comprehensive academic education about the industry. Within 3.5 years, students will develop skills in leadership, talent management, and problem-solving. Two internships are required to complete the degree.

More specialized options are available for postgraduates at Les Roches. You can choose from MBA Global Hospitality Management, MS Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation, MS Marketing & Management for Luxury Tourism, or MS International Hotel Management. Depending on your specializations, a Master’s degree can have a study duration of 9 months to 1.5 years.

7. Middlesex University

Middlesex University in the UK is home to students and staff from different countries. Studying in an environment with a unique blend of cultures helps hospitality students develop a global perspective.

To provide the best quality of education to international students, Middlesex University offers BSc International Tourism Management in three languages: English, Mandarin, and Spanish. It has a 3-year study duration, and students are encouraged to undergo year-long work placements.

For postgraduates, the school offers MS International Hotel and Events Management. It has a year-long study period where students undergo rigorous academic coursework to fully understand the fields of tourism and events. Expect to do several group reports, oral presentations, academic essays, and reflective field diaries throughout the year. The intensity of the coursework mimics real-life corporate experience, which you’ll be prepared for when you successfully finish the degree.


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