Denmark is one of the countries in Scandinavia with many international institutions offering award-winning law degree programs. Most universities in the country are considered among the best in the region and Northern Europe. Furthermore, Danish universities provide excellent legal instructions across multiple law and legal courses, especially in international and European law. Students seeking advanced law degrees in Denmark may experience intensive legal research and undergo student exchange programs to visit prominent state institutions across the country or overseas.

Although an LLB degree in law will allow students to practice law in many international firms, most Danish institutions look for graduates with higher qualifications. Thus, most law schools in the country offer flexible courses and continuing education programs to encourage students to finish their Master of Law degrees. Let’s take a look at Denmark’s top law institutions!

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Top Law Universities in Denmark

1. University of Copenhagen

  • Law Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, and Doctor of Laws

The University of Copenhagen is a world-renowned public research institution among universities in Nordic countries and a leading institution for law in Denmark. It was established in 1479 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and became the largest academic institution in the country. Not only does the university ranks number one in Denmark, but it also belongs to the top 1% of the best research-intensive universities in Northern Europe.

The university is known for focusing on theological studies and initially provided instructions mainly on theology and law. Over the years, the institution built a reputable profile by providing more academic programs and garnering global awards for the highest standards of teaching and outstanding research excellence. Now, it is among the highly-recognized universities in the world, placing 79th in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen has the largest student population among other law schools in Denmark and Northern Europe. It offers award-winning law degree programs including, opportunities to study abroad. Available law degree programs at the university include a 3-year Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws program taught in the Danish language only. It also has unique continuing education programs for students and professionals seeking to add more knowledge and skills to their expertise. Additionally, the Faculty offers a doctorate research program for individuals pursuing a Ph.D. in Law degree.

2. Aarhus University

  • Law Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, and Doctor of Laws

Aarhus University is a world-class public research institution established in 1928 in Aarhus, Denmark. It is known to have the largest student population comprising many international students from over 120 countries worldwide. For over 90 years of educating world-class talents, Aarhus University has been recognized as a top law university in Denmark and a number one choice for international students for having the most academic programs taught in English medium than any other university in Denmark. Not only does it is the number one most international university in the country, but it also has a solid global reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and innovation. No doubt, Aarhus University is among the top 155 universities worldwide, according to the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

The Department of Law at Aarhus University offers undergraduate and graduate law programs. The Department’s Bachelor of Law program will allow students to gain basic knowledge in family & inheritance law and constitutional law or specialize in the area of tax law through its LLB program in Business Economics and Business Law. It also offers a full-time Masters in Law program and a part-time Master in Law specializing in Bussiness Law. Graduate students seeking higher qualifications and advanced legal knowledge may also apply for a three-year doctorate research program at Aarhus University.

3. University of Southern Denmark

  • Law Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, and Doctor of Laws

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is one of the top-leading academic institutions of modern times  and among the best universities for law in Denmark. Its history traces back to the establishment of Odense University in 1966 which, was fused with other two Danish academic institutions to establish the University of Southern Denmark in 1998. It is well-known for offering a range of English-taught degree programs across multiple fields of study including, health sciences, humanities & social sciences, engineering, and natural sciences.

The Department of Law of SDU provides world-class law degree programs in Denmark and joint-degree programs in Business Administration and Commercial Law for both undergraduate and graduate students. It also has research programs for students pursuing a Ph.D. in Law degree. Doctorate students may choose their thesis topics in subjects focusing on commercial administrative law, private law, the law in society, and international & European law.

4. Copenhagen Business School

  • Law Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, and Doctor of Laws

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is one of the top business schools in Northern Europe, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. CBS is highly acknowledged for its outstanding law courses in Denmark that are being offered to its students. It has been providing an inter-disciplinary learning and professional environment to students while focusing on subjects such as business and industry. Aside from its top-leading business courses, CBS has a range of academic programs in various disciplines including, economics & mathematics, languages, information technology, politics, law, and more.

CBS Laws aim to provide high-quality legal instruction and research on business law in a societal and global context. It offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Business Administration and Commercial Law, Bachelor’s in Economics and Business Administration, Master’s programs major in Business Economics & Auditing and Tax Law. It also allows graduate students to enroll in its flexible degree programs to obtain a graduate diploma. Furthermore, students seeking a Ph.D. in Law degree related to business at CBS may have the opportunity to gain the highest-academic experience in an international university.

5. Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a Danish higher educational institution established in 1974 in Aalborg, Denmark. It has one of the largest student populations among the universities in the country and is widely known as a top-leading young university worldwide. Additionally, the university consistently ranks it at the top 50 among universities under 50 years old by the QS World Rankings. Known for its strength in electrical engineering, Aalborg University offers a range of international academic programs under unique curricula, ensuring teaching and research excellence with the highest international standards.

The Department of Law at Aalborg University delivers a world-class law program in Denmark and currently offers a Master of Law program focusing on the international legal system through its student exchange program. Courses for the International Law Program include Intellectual Property Law and Climate Change & Energy Law. The university will allow students to visit important state institutions and take on their legal studies at its satellite campus in Copenhagen.


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