France is home to some of the world’s most famous scientists who have made significant, timeless, and relevant contributions to the medical industry. It is, therefore, not surprising why it is a popular country of choice to study medicine.

For the past years, the number of international students in France has been increasing. French universities have a reputation and record for producing doctors and healthcare professionals in the field. Medical training in French universities is similar to being immersed in the practical, historical traditions and practices that have helped shape the world of medicine as it is today.

Are you an aspiring medical student? If you’re planning, you can also consider studying in France to widen your learning opportunities and have the best experience in the field. To help you with this, we listed the best universities in France for medicine. We hope that it will help you!

Can International Students Enroll in Medical Schools in France?

International internship or exchange programs have become popular in most universities. Medical universities in France are no exception. Most schools offering graduate and postgraduate studies in medicine in France have opened their gates to international students. These students are afforded the same quality education that local students enjoy.

Sorbonne University in Paris is one example of a university that accommodates foreign students. Through the university’s student exchange program, international students may choose to complete one degree, or attend short-term classes.

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What is the Medical Curriculum Like in Medical Schools in France?

Medical schools in France are known to provide the longest and most rigid training and study program in order to earn a degree in medicine. Studying medicine in France takes nine whole years to complete. Medical study in France is generally divided into three stages. The first stage includes two years of studying under a general or common health curriculum.

After the first stage, students are required to take an examination. If they pass, they may continue to the second stage where medical students are introduced to major disciplines and gain a deeper understanding of medical principles.

After the second stage, students will again undergo an assessment which will determine whether they may continue to residency. The third stage includes hospital training, thesis defense, and a national examination. Only after passing all these stages can students earn their medical degree.

Best Medical Schools in France

1. Sorbonne University

Although founded recently in January 2018, Sorbonne University is not a novice in educational institutes. The name Sorbonne itself is almost synonymous to the scientific revolution, having housed laboratories that are home to notable inventions. Historically, the Sorbonne refers to the structure that later became known as the University of Paris.

It was only in 2018 when leading universities Paris-Sorbonne and Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) finalized the merger, and paved the way for the creation of a new, world-class university.

Prior to the union of these education systems, Paris-Sorbonne and UPMC have already established names for themselves and were known leaders in medical and physical science education. These universities’ reputation and expertise have been carried over to and are now part of Sorbonne University’s foundation, and as a result, Sorbonne University is the best medical school in France.

2. Université de Paris

As the result of another merger (Paris Diderot, Paris Descartes, and Institut de physique du globe de Paris), Université de Paris is an internationally acclaimed university offering clinical medicine.

This top medical school in France teaches the three cycles of medical studies. Apart from medical courses, Université de Paris holds an impressive academic reputation as a university that applies up-to-date teaching methodologies across multiple disciplines, which are structured to prepare students for global competition.

3. Claude Bernard University Lyon

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 is a key player in French innovations holding the record for the most number of patents filed by a French university. Lyon 1 fosters a community of diversity, not only with its multiracial campuses but also with its multidisciplinary education system. In fact, Lyon 1 is not only known to excel in medical courses. Its expertise is spread across other fields such as science and technology, and sport.

Despite its intensive academic program, Lyon 1 does not compromise students’ lifestyle and makes sure its learners have a venue for self-expression and leisure. Lyon 1 has The Lab, which refers to a dedicated team of medical students that aim to provide academic assistance to other students studying medicine.

4. Aix-Marseille University

Composed of five campuses, the Aix-Marseille University, one of the best medical schools in France, is the biggest French-speaking university with a multidisciplinary education program, as evident in the large number of international enrollees granted admission every year. The Aix-Marseille University upholds an internationally competitive platform for research and education throughout all disciplines, which include Health, Languages, and Human Sciences.

AMU also offers opportunities in continuing education in medicine. Some of the opportunities offered in AMU’s medical program are General Training Diploma in Medical Sciences, Advanced Diploma in Medical Sciences, Diploma of Specialized Studies, and Doctorate in Medicine.

5. Université Montpellier

Université Montpellier is one of the top medical universities in France that seamlessly fuses traditional teaching and contemporary approaches to medical training. Being the sixth largest university in France, UM is one of country’s leading universities in academic excellence and research initiatives. It was established in 2015 during the merger of the two Montpellier (1 and 2) universities.

Complementing its strong historical background, especially in the field of medicine, UM also excels in other fields such as agriculture, engineering, economics, and political science. Its wide-ranging multidisciplinary study program is tied up with a good network of partnerships, providing its students a competitive training ground.

6. University of Strasbourg

With a history that dates back five centuries, the University of Strasbourg was born in 2009 when the three universities Louis Pasteur University (Strasbourg 1), Marc Bloch University (Strasbourg II), and Robert Schuman University (Strasbourg III), decided to unify into one academic community.

This unification did not only produce a powerful institution but one that offers a diverse and comprehensive range of disciplines. The University of Strasbourg maintains international distinction in the field of medicine and research, with the help of facilities, such as the Clinical Investigation Center, that are accessible to students.

7. University de Bordeaux

In the league of schools offering higher education, another medical school to make a reputable name is the University of Bordeaux. With a considerably large range of courses offered, the University of Bordeaux welcomes applicants looking to complete a degree, or enroll in one of its exchange programs.

In addition to undergoing radical training in main fields of discipline, students are taught to develop social awareness and involvement through their participation in various university activities and elections. As a top medical school in France, the University of Bordeaux remains true to its principle of providing quality education by employing doctorate degree holders and instructors who exhibit expertise in the medical field.


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