Before the Crimean War, which lasted from 1853 to 1855, nursing in Russia was primarily based on religion and philanthropy. The war sparked an interest in nursing care among many women in the country. In the 1900s, rumors of war and epidemics reinforced and expanded the nursing (Sister of Mercy) community. During that time, the revolution shaped the roles of nurses in the country, including military, visiting, kindergarten, and specialty nurses. Formal nurse training schools were established beginning in 1935.

Russia’s medical education has evolved in recent years, and it is now recognized as one of the best countries for offering health-related programs, with internationally renowned colleges and universities. Nursing in Russia is a four-year undergraduate program; postgraduate nursing education is not yet widely available in the country. Because teaching instruction is also given in Russian, international students must be fluent in the language before being admitted.

Russia has become a popular destination for international students seeking higher education due to its internationally renowned institutions, low tuition fees, and low living costs. The institutions listed below are some of the best nursing schools in Russia.

Top Nursing Schools in Russia

1. First Moscow State Medical University, I.M. Sechenov

The First Moscow State Medical University, I.M. Sechenov, was founded in 1758 and is the country’s pioneer and oldest medical school. Over the years, the institute faced numerous challenges, which necessitated numerous reconstruction and rebuilding projects. It did not receive university status until 2010, after which it was named the top medical school in the country by the QS World University Ranking in 2017. Nursing education and training at the postgraduate level were only established in 1991.

The university has established research centers that have contributed to its growing influence in medical research, resulting in its global recognition in the field. As a result, international students seeking a high-quality, low-cost medical education are flocking to universities. In response, English is now used as the language of instruction in the majority of the university’s post-graduate programs.

The tuition for the post-graduate nursing program is $10,000 per year for three years. The university also provides a school residence for $3,800 per year. Other fees are listed on the university’s website.

2. RUDN University

The Government of Russia named the RUDN University the “People’s Friendship University of Russia” in 1992 because of its outlook and principles of providing education with total student autonomy – allowing students and staff to pursue education and research and participate in activities without being bound by politics or other restraining ideals.

In 1964, the university became a member of the International Association of Universities, adding to its illustrious and renowned international reputation. The university received a 5-star rating from the QS Star rating system for its quality education, internationalization, innovation, and sustainability. It was granted autonomy in 2012 for the development, implementation, and administration of its educational program.

RUDN University is also one of the best nursing schools in Russia. Its nursing program, which is part of the institute of medicine, was established with a curriculum that focuses on providing competencies in medical skill, administration, and research. Students are also trained in foreign languages, as well as practical and clinical skills, through immersions in partner institutions in Moscow. The annual tuition for the program is US$4,300.

3. Perm State Medical University

The Perm State Medical University is one of the oldest and largest universities in Russia. Its medical faculty was initially part of the faculty of physics and mathematics in 1916. By order of the State Committee of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, its name was changed to its current name in 1994, and it became a member of the European Association of Medical Schools in 1997.

Because of its excellence in the field, the University is well-known both locally and internationally for its MBBS programs, with its graduates proving to be highly employable. It also holds the most number of patents for medical inventions in the country.

Perm State Medical University is a top nursing institution in Russia, with the nursing program being administered by the Faculty of Psychology, Social Work, and Nursing. Further information on fees, curriculum, and offers is available on the university’s website upon request.

4. Novosibirsk State Medical University

The Novosibirsk State Medical University is yet another one of the best nursing schools in Russia. It was founded in 1935 as the Novosibirsk Medical Institute, and its name was only changed in 2005. Over the years, the university has received awards and recognitions in the country for its quality education, and also won the contest on ‘Novosibirsk Trade Mark 2006’.

The university expanded dramatically and is now able to produce over 32,000 doctors and thousands of medical health workers who serve all over the country and the world. Its faculty is involved in international medical projects and attends symposiums and conferences to remain relevant on health industry changes.

The university established an international center to promote its programs to students abroad and offers English taught programs and preparatory courses for international students. Under the education for international students, vocational and undergraduate education in nursing is offered. Tuition and other fees are available upon request on the university website.

5. First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg

The First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg was founded as the Medical Institute for Women in 1897. It was the first institution in Europe to provide opportunities for women to pursue higher medical education, and male students were not admitted until 1916. With its innovations in both diagnostics and treatment, the university has quickly established a recognized standard curriculum for medical education since its inception.

With its large campus and numerous research centers, the university has grown into a reputable university over the years. It is the city’s only medical school with an outpatient department. In addition, the university has international partners from all over the world with whom it collaborates on patient care, education, and research.

The university only offers higher education in Nursing. Tuition and other fees are available on the university’s website upon request.


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