Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. In fact, it is only second to Mandarin Chinese! Over 20 countries around the world speak Spanish as their official language, and even more, have a considerably-sized population speaking the language. Speaking Spanish undoubtedly opens a lot of doors for people—not only do you increase your chances of employment, but you also have more opportunities to meet and interact with new friends!

Thankfully, Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn. According to the American Council of Teaching Foreign Language (ACTFL), it only takes around 480 hours to achieve advanced fluency in the language. With consistency, exposure, and support from a good school, learning Spanish can be both fun and easy.

If you’re wanting to improve your Spanish and are looking for the best Spanish language programs out there, here are a few of the world’s best Spanish language schools.

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Top Spanish Language Schools in the World

1. Universidad de Alicante

Considered to be one of the best Spanish language schools in the world, Universidad de Alicante (English: University of Alicante) is a public university in Alicante, Spain. They are comprised of over seventy departments and offer a wide range of courses in social sciences, arts, health sciences, and many more. The school is particularly known for its Spanish language courses—they offer a variety of beginner’s to advanced Spanish courses at any time of the year.

One type is an intensive Spanish language course that lasts only a month with 60 hours per week. This course is great for those wanting to learn the language as quickly as possible. Another is a semester-long course that is very casual and great for students taking up degrees at the school—there are only four hours of classes per week and will last for three to four months. There are also specialized courses (e.g., for doctors, businessmen, etc.), communication and cultural courses (for those wanting to learn both the language and culture), and online courses for anyone across the globe.

2. Entrelenguas

Entrelenguas is an on-campus and online school that is dedicated to teaching Spanish. A so-called “cultural hub”, Entrelenguas aims to provide ways of learning Spanish that is fun, student-centric, and immersive. All of the teachers at this top Spanish language school are native Spanish speakers to ensure their quality of education is the best it can be.

Entrelenguas offers multiple ways for you to learn Spanish. Firstly, you can enroll online. They have individual and group online classes at all levels of fluency. Secondly, you might choose to learn Spanish on their Ronda campus. Here, you can not only learn the language but also experience the culture and environment of this quaint, little Spanish town! Lastly, you can opt for their e-learning hub where they’ve uploaded many useful Spanish language resources. The last option is convenient for those who want to learn on their own time.

3. Centro Mundolengua

Centro Mundolengua is an international language school based in Seville, Spain, widely considered to be the best Spanish language school in the country. They are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, which certifies that they provide high-quality education in Spanish as a foreign language. Additionally, their Spanish Language and Literature programs for international Spanish teachers are the only programs of their kind in the country.

As one of the world’s best Spanish language schools, Centro Mundolengua offers programs that cater to people from all walks of life. They offer programs for higher schoolers, college students, grown-ups, and teachers; academic-centric and corporate; short-term and long-term; located in their Sevilla and/or Cadiz campuses, and plenty others. Make sure to check out their website for a full list—there you can find all details including the requirements, process, and price!

4. Na’Atik de Lenguas y Culturas

Na’Atik Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas (English: Na’Atik Language and Culture Institute) is a non-profit language school located in the small town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico. Here, students can learn how to speak Spanish or Mayan while staying with a host family and experiencing Mexican culture firsthand. You also get to give back to the local community—most proceeds from the school go to helping young children in the town learn English.

The school also offers online classes. These can be done one-by-one or by group, and the hours can be tailored to fit your schedule. You can even purchase these language courses as gifts for loved ones!

5. Universidad de Guadalajara

Universidad de Guadalajara (English: University of Guadalajara) is a public university in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is the second-oldest and most prestigious university in the state. They offer over 300 undergraduate and graduate programs spread across fifteen campuses.

The university offers twelve levels of Spanish language courses: A1 to C1. They run for 50 hours and are very flexible in terms of scheduling and intensity. They also don’t just focus on learning the language—students will get to know more about Mexican culture, history, current events, and literature too.

After passing your levels, you can easily take your certification exam—DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exams are held regularly at the university.

6. Intercultura Costa Rica

Intercultura Costa Rica is a language and cultural center in Costa Rica. It is comprised of two schools—one in the tropical sands of Samara Beach and the other in the culturally-rich town of Heredia. Studying Spanish in Costa Rica is definitely something to consider—the country is environmentally-conscious and biodiverse, easily accessible from the United States and Canada, the safest country in Latin America, and has a cheap cost of living.

Not only is the Intercultura Costa Rica considered as one of the best Spanish language schools in the world, their Spanish immersion programs are internationally-recognized. They encourage what is called a communicative method where students practice real conversations with one another and with locals. This way, students can learn to express themselves freely while applying their conversational, grammar, listening, speaking, and idiomatic skills.

7. Mente Argentina

A top Spanish language school, Mente Argentina is an educational organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It aims to provide international students opportunities to develop their Spanish while immersing in Argentinian culture and enrolling in various academic programs like photography, business, medicine, culinary arts, tango, and many more. They also offer online options for distance learners.

They have two kinds of Spanish language programs: university and intensive. The university program is a time-flexible program designed for university students wanting to learn Spanish and earn academic credit for it. The intensive program, on the other hand, is for anyone else who wants to improve their Spanish fluency in a set amount of time. Both programs allow their student to enjoy Buenos Aires as international students and explore the different activities, attractions, and excursions the city has to offer.


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