Globally known for its cultural attractions, vibrant nightlife, delicious waffles and chocolate, and love for football, Belgium is also popular among international students because of the high-quality education and research provided by its universities. The opportunity to learn and become fluent in at least one of its three languages, German, French, and Dutch, adds to the many reasons why the country attracts numerous students around the world. Studying in Belgium will also allow you to explore other European cities by train, such as Paris, Amsterdam, and London.

Pursuing a degree in Belgium truly has several advantages. The country excels in several fields but it is important to know which fields stand out above the rest. Listed below are some of the best subjects to study in Belgium.

Top Subjects to Study in Belgium

1. Medicine

Medicine is among the best subjects to study in Belgium because of the top-notch quality of education provided by its medical schools. Studying medicine in Belgium also takes a shorter amount of time compared to medicine programs in other countries. Medical students need only to complete a Bachelor’s degree for 3 years and a Master’s in Medicine degree for another 3 years, making it 6 years in total instead of the European standard of 7. Many scholarships are also available to international students who would like to enroll in medicine programs in the country’s top universities.

Universities in Belgium aim to provide a global perspective in the study of medicine and healthcare. They promote international collaboration among students, research organizations, and medical professionals from different countries within and outside Europe. Students gain international experience through exchange programs and internships in partner universities and hospitals overseas.

Some of the best medical schools in Belgium are the Catholic University of Leuven, Ghent University, University of Liege, Free University of Brussels, Catholic University of Louvain, and the University of Antwerp.

2. Political Science

A federal constitutional monarchy, Belgium has a complex political system. It is also considered one of the most politically stable countries in Europe. The country also ranks high in several stability indicators such as the rule of law, free and fair elections, media freedom, and protection of human rights. Having a political science degree from a Belgian university will open numerous career opportunities in different fields such as public service, research, academe, law, and the like. You can also take what you have learned on the things that have worked in the Belgian political system and share and apply your learnings to your home country.

Political science programs in Belgium involve a variety of learning approaches to develop their students’ critical thinking, analytical, communication, and leadership skills. Students are provided with strong knowledge of political theories and concepts which they are then expected to apply in different practical activities such as debates, presentations, and lobbying and negotiation simulations.

Among the best universities to pursue a political science degree in Belgium are the Free University of Brussels, Ghent University, University of Namur, Hasselt University, and the Catholic University of Leuven.

3. Metallurgical Engineering

The metal and steel industry in Belgium plays a key role in the country’s economy. Every year, millions of metric tons of metal and steel are being exported from Belgium to over 100 countries. Belgium is home to several metal production companies and suppliers which offer a good training ground for aspiring engineers in the industry. Due to the highly specialized nature of metallurgical engineering, it is one of the highest-paid and in-demand professions in the country.

Metallurgical engineering is indeed an excellent subject to learn about in Belgium, where students learn about all the processes involved in transforming metals into materials and products that help make life easier and better for society. Programs are interdisciplinary and include lessons and training in entrepreneurship and innovation to instill a global mindset in their students and make them globally competitive and well-rounded professionals.

Some of the leading universities that provide top-notch education in metallurgical engineering are the Catholic University of Leuven, University of Antwerp, University of Mons, University of Namur, and the Free University of Brussels.

4. Visual Arts

Belgium is one of the top destinations for art students and enthusiasts from across the globe because of its numerous art galleries and museums such as the René Magritte Museum, the Rubens House, and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. With its long and rich artistic heritage dating back to the Middle Ages, Belgium is known for producing several world-famous artists such as Peter Paul Rubens, René Magritte, and Anthony van Dyck. At present, the country is still home to a large number of contemporary painters, sculptors, and graffiti artists.

Visual arts programs in Belgium offer a fusion of theory and practice. They cover lessons in art history, art theory, and art interpretation. Students also spend lots of time in studios to work on their portfolios and carry out various collaborative projects and exhibits with professional artists.

Some of the best institutions to study art in Belgium are the Catholic University of Leuven, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent University, University of Liege, and La Cambre Bruxelles.

5. Geography

Geography, or the study that seeks to understand different physical, environmental, and social phenomena, is another field in which Belgium excels at. In 1876, several geographical societies emerged particularly in the cities of Antwerp and Brussels, where geographers collaborated to conduct research and projects for the benefit and development of Belgian society.

With internationally recognized programs for their excellent education and significant contributions to geographical research, geography is truly among the best subjects to study in Belgium. Universities in Belgium offer multidisciplinary geography programs, covering both physical and social sciences and tackle the most pressing global issues such as climate change and overpopulation. Several collaborations with research groups and public and private organizations are also in place for students to gain relevant experience in dealing with real-world problems.

Some of Belgium’s top-rated universities offering outstanding geography programs include Ghent University, Catholic University of Leuven, Free University of Brussels, University of Liege, and the Catholic University of Louvain.


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