Norway is a developed society known for being one of the most desirable countries to live in because of its safe environment, high standards of living, and beautiful, fairytale-like natural scenery. Norwegian society highly values equality and openness, meaning everyone, regardless of nationality and background, is provided equal access to different kinds of services and opportunities.

Education in Norwegian universities is state-funded meaning students from within and outside Norway can receive the world-class quality of education without having to pay for tuition. Professors are approachable and treat students like equals and active participants in the learning process rather than passive listeners.

Norway is a prosperous nation that excels in many fields. Listed below are the five best subjects to study in Norway. If you are an international student looking to pursue your degree in the country, this article is going to help you decide which field suits you best!

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Top Subjects to Study in Norway

1. Petroleum Engineering

The oil and gas industry in Norway is an important economic driver, contributing to around 18% of the country’s gross domestic product and 62% of its exports. Plans in expanding explorations for fossil fuel reserves in Norway are currently in place, therefore the industry will be needing more petroleum engineers that are highly knowledgeable and skilled in extracting oil and gas products safely and efficiently. Petroleum engineering is one of the best choices for international students who wish to study in Norway as the jobs are also among the highest-paid in the country because of their high demand and the high level of technical expertise required in the field.

Petroleum engineering students in Norway gain strong theoretical knowledge in a wide range of concepts and formulas in engineering, mathematics, physics, and geology. They are also provided with the most advanced research tools and industry connections as they explore the current state of the Norwegian industry, understand the challenges faced by petroleum engineers, and formulate ways in addressing them.

Some of Norway’s leading universities offering the country’s best petroleum engineering education are the University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Stavanger, University of Oslo, and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

2. Digital media

95% of the entire Norwegian population has access to the internet. The Norwegian media sector has a long history of producing innovative, reliable, and high-quality content. Known for its innovative culture, Norway transitioned from having a strong print media industry to being at the forefront of digital media. This fast-growing industry offers numerous employment opportunities for digital media graduates in Norway.

Digital media programs are on the top of the list as a popular choice for international students who wish to study in Norway and are interdisciplinary and provide students with a strong foundational knowledge of the evolution, aesthetics, technologies, and theories surrounding new media, as well as its social, cultural, political, and economic impacts. Students work in cutting-edge facilities, studios, and labs with industry-quality equipment and conduct different research and projects in collaboration with leading media companies.

Some of the best universities for studying digital media in Norway are the University of Stavanger, BI Norwegian Business School, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Bergen, and the University of Oslo.

3. Performing Arts

Norway is an ideal destination for art and theater lovers because of its vibrant performing arts sector. Norway has several performing arts institutions, the largest and most famous of which is the Norwegian Opera and Ballet which can be found in the nation’s capital, Oslo. The country also has multiple organizations dedicated to developing the skills and competencies of professional performers, building new and expanding existing networks, and promoting Norwegian performing arts locally and internationally.

Performing arts degrees are a good choice to study in Norway and they are very versatile and provide a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a professional environment. Students spend a lot of time in studios and theaters to learn about musical arrangements, scriptwriting, acting, directing, stage design, and the like. They also attend several workshops where they develop their artistic abilities and find their own creative voice.

Here are some of Norway’s top institutions providing excellent performing arts programs: the International Theater Academy Norway, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Ostfold University College’s Norwegian Theater Academy, Norwegian Acting Center, and the University of Stavanger.

4. Data Science

Norway is a technologically advanced economy with citizens that are highly digitally competent. Data Science is a top subject to study in Norway. With the emergence of huge amounts of data in the world today, the Norwegian government has increased its expenditure on research and development of new technologies using these available data to assist different industries and help make life easier for its people. Collaborations between the state and private organizations are also in place to conduct different projects promoting smart solutions and approaches in addressing challenges faced by different sectors in Norway.

The digital transformation in Norway provides immense opportunities for employment and experiential learning for data science students in the country. Data science degrees equip students with the statistical, analytical, and mathematical expertise to extract and analyze complex data and generate it into relevant and useful insights.

Some of the top-rated educational institutions in Norway offering data science programs are the University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media, and BI Norwegian Business School.

5. Environmental Science

Recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable countries, Norway has been at the forefront of several environmental initiatives., making environmental science a top subject to study in the country. The country has several environmental policies in place such as regulating the use of natural resources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and promoting the use of electric cars powered by renewable energy and other sustainable practices.

Studying environmental science in Norway will allow you to have first-hand experience on a more sustainable way of life while learning from notable individuals and experts who have made significant contributions to environmental research. Environmental science programs aim to provide an in-depth understanding of global environmental challenges and the impact of human actions on different ecosystems.

Among the best universities for studying environmental science in Norway are the University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, UiT the Arctic University of Norway, and the Inland Norway University of Life Sciences.


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