Biology is among the most in-demand fields today. Aside from the incredible opportunities to engage in experiments and operate in a fancy research laboratory, biology also has the most flexible career paths.

The Philippines is the perfect learning environment for aspiring biology students. Rich in natural resources and with flourishing biodiversity, you have the chance to encounter lessons from yesterday’s lecture in person today! Not to mention, many universities sit at locations teeming with interesting life forms and ecologies.

Check out below the 5 best universities to study biology in the Philippines!

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Top Universities for Biology in the Philippines

1. University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines is a national university and a top school for biology in the country with 8 constituent universities scattered across the three main island groups of the Philippines. It ranks as the most prestigious institution for higher education, with an excellent academic reputation in science, engineering, medicine, technology, and the humanities. The University of the Philippines also offers a comprehensive biological sciences program.

The Institute of Biology at the University of the Philippines Diliman supervises degree programs for the biological sciences. It is a Center of Excellence with a concentration on Biodiversity. The institute trains students to become competent professionals with a strong background in research and a passion for sustainable development.

The institute is also home to more than 10 research laboratories dedicated to microbiology, genetics, and physiology. Locally, it is a leading figure in biological research efforts and collaborations.

The biology program of the University of the Philippines is provided to undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate students can expect a multidisciplinary approach across different subject areas of biology for a foundational framework of understanding in later years of the program. On the other hand, graduate students can specialize in a field they favor, and immerse in extensive research.

2. University of the East

The University of the East is a private higher education institute located in Manila. It offers a variety of undergraduate programs and graduate studies. Especially known for their nursing and medical tracks, the University of the East is also known for being a top school for biology in the Philippines and also provides competent biology programs fitting to prepare future medical students.

The College of Arts and Sciences of the University of the East manages multiple degree programs within the disciplines of natural sciences, life sciences, applied sciences, humanities, and the social sciences. Among these programs are two biology programs. At their cores, they are similar, but the routes these programs lead to are distinct from each other.

Medical biology is specifically designed to prepare incumbent students planning to take up medicine. On the other hand, biology with a specialization in ecology and biodiversity focuses on teaching students about the relationships of different creatures living and interacting in the same environment.

3. University of Santo Tomas

Officially known as the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, Manila, the University of Santo Tomas is a privately-run Catholic university. The oldest university in the country and among the world’s largest Catholic universities, the university makes the Philippines’ unofficial roster of Ivy League colleges. The University of Santo Tomas is a leading biology university in the Philippines and is also known for its excellent research and education in biology and medicine.

The Department of Biological Sciences is recognized by the Philippine government as a center of excellence. It oversees biology course offerings for all students of the university. Beginning the academic year of 2018-2019, the department implemented changes in the degree program and now, aspiring students have to choose from three specific biology tracks: environmental biology, medical biology, and industrial biology.

The medical biology program specializes in human anatomy, immunology, and physiology. On the other hand, the microbiology program teaches students about observing and studying the movement and patterns of microorganisms. Finally, environmental biology concentrates on research and laboratory work for subjects such as taxonomy, biodiversity, aquatic ecology, and more.

As the university is renowned for its elite medical school, its biology tracks are well-equipped with fundamental knowledge and information applicable in higher studies. Faculty are highly-certified instructors with an ongoing or completed graduate degree.

4. De La Salle University

De La Salle University is another privately-owned Catholic university. Alongside the University of the Philippines, De La Salle University is among the best schools for biology in the Philippines that also joins in the university rankings for top universities around the world.

The Department of Biology at the De La Salle University takes care of the education and training of bright-eyed biology students. The department recognizes the industry’s need for solutions-based thinking and innovativeness.

To complement quality education, the department also houses groundbreaking research laboratories. The department particularly engages in collaborative efforts for subject areas like bacterial genetics, marine science, and molecular biology.

5. Central Luzon State University

The Central Luzon State University is the first comprehensive institution for higher education to go through institutional accreditation. A “Cultural Property of the Philippines”, the state university is among the leading figures in agriculture and other related fields. Aside from agriculture, Central Luzon State University also offers a rigorous biology program in the Philippines.

The Department of Biological Sciences at the Central Luzon State University undertakes training and research initiatives for biology students to cultivate theoretical knowledge and practical laboratory skills. A Center of Excellence, the department offers quality standards of teaching and cutting-edge facilities to its faculty and students.

The department hosts biology programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It aims to produce graduates with a passion for sustainability and conservation of the country’s natural resources.


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