Don’t you just find living things interesting? How they survive, how their bodies work, and how they interact with their environment can keep turning around the gears on your brain for hours. Biology is fascinating, for it not only studies the identifying traits and characteristics of a life form, but also digs deeper into the cellular composition, genetic material, and roles in a given environment.

A degree in biology can lead to diverse and well-paying career opportunities. For some, on the other hand, biology is the foundation they need to excel in medicine or law. In short, an academic background in biology leaves you with a flexible and promising future.

Pursue your biological sciences studies in the grand lands of the United Kingdom! Below are the 5 best universities to study biology in the United Kingdom.

Top Universities for Biology in the United Kingdom

1. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge consistently ranks among the top 10 universities around the world. In the United Kingdom, it also carries the most prestige among other institutions. The University of Cambridge is also a leading university for biology in the United Kingdom that excels in various academic disciplines.

The School of Biological Sciences supports the university’s overarching mission to provide excellent education and research opportunities. The School manages other centers and departments, each specializing in a subfield of biology.

Students at the undergraduate level accomplish fundamental and elective course offerings from specific subject areas like botany, zoology, and ecology. Graduate students, on the other hand, have the opportunity to select which area they would like to focus on.

The School of Biological Sciences hones the students’ problem-solving skills to contribute to the school’s pursuit of health and medical breakthroughs.

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is another elite university based in Oxford, England. It consistently ranks high among world university rankings and per subject rankings. The University of Oxford has become a staple brand for higher education in the United Kingdom. It takes on a rigorous approach for all its degrees like biology.

The Department of Biology at the University of Oxford delivers an outstanding biology program in the United Kingdom and is a newly-established institutional body. Merging zoological and plants sciences, the department employs a more holistic approach in teaching biology. The department mainly focuses on introducing the vast world of biology to its students, utilizing a cross-disciplinary approach to get students accustomed to various subjects overlapping with general biology.

Undergraduate students have the option to pursue a specialized track in their sophomore year or proceed with a generalist curriculum. After completing three years of study, students can choose to proceed with graduation or continue to an optional fourth year dedicated to a supervised project.

The graduate program for biology involves research-heavy work. Doctoral research focuses on the student’s desired topic or field of specialization; training also overlaps with supervision from the division of mathematics, physics, and life sciences.

3. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is an excellent institution for biology in the United Kingdom that earns international recognition for its exclusive concentration on science, technology, business, and medicine. An institution gearing on the path of development and innovation, Imperial College London produces some of the United Kingdom’s most prized academic publications. With its prowess in the sciences, the university provides quality teaching for biology.

The Department of Life Sciences supervises the training and education of students enrolled in programs dealing with life forms, such as biology. Unlike most biology programs, the department offers exclusive degrees for specialist fields like biochemistry and biotechnology. Nonetheless, the department’s team of seasoned faculty mentor the students to become future leaders in biological sciences.

The department also houses state-of-the-art facilities to hone students’ laboratory skills and etiquette. Research labs and equipment for stem culture, nuclear magnetic resonance, and the like keep the students and faculty ahead of the game.

4. University College London

The University College of London, more commonly referred to as UCL, is a major research university and a top school for biology in the United Kingdom. It takes pride in witnessing the largest admissions for postgraduate studies in the whole of the United Kingdom. UCL also produces one of the greatest numbers of research publications within an academic year. The university’s academic performance is evident across all its offered disciplines, such as biology.

The Division of Biosciences at the University College London facilitates the students’ journey on to becoming the next generation’s leaders advocating for sustainable acts of preserving biodiversity and treating diseases. Biological sciences present a positive career outlook in different industries like health services, educations, and pharmaceuticals.

An undergraduate program in biological sciences acquaint students with a wide scope of fundamental courses. From there, students can confidently take on classes further detailing subjects like genetics, zoology, and biodiversity and conservation. These are some academic tracks the students can choose from to take in their sophomore years.

While most undergraduates join the workforce after graduation, some choose to stick around and pursue a master’s degree. With a master’s degree, you can specialize in a subject you are most passionate about.

5. The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a public research university situated in Manchester, England. It is the third-largest university in the United Kingdom, attracting international students from countries all over the world. Built on the principle that every profession can be based on scientific thinking, the University of Manchester excels in the sciences, with an acclaimed program for biology.

The Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health employ a multidisciplinary approach in addressing health and medical concerns through biological sciences. The department produces the largest number of healthcare graduates in North-West England, owing to the success of a highly integrated faculty.

The faculty supervises the training of biosciences students, preparing them mostly for the path to medicine. On top of comprehensive lectures, the faculty engages students in hands-on laboratory work and sends them out to conduct research. Such an approach ensures that students are capable of manipulating theory and concepts into real-life situations and solving them with a realist approach.

The University of Manchester offers biology and biosciences studies to undergraduate and graduate students.


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