Spain is home to some of the oldest and most well-respected universities in the world. As one of the most important members of the European Union, thousands of international students travel to the country to study at these universities. With this in mind, there are also several excellent public health programs. Today, we will discuss just 5 of the best universities for students interested in studying public health in Spain!

Top Universities for Public Health in Spain

1. University of Valencia

Founded over 500 years ago, the University of Valencia is one of the oldest colleges in all of Europe. Ranked in the top 300 universities worldwide, the university is widely regarded as one of the best in Spain. Finally, the University of Valencia is an excellent school for public health in Spain and is home to over 55,000 students. With many of these students coming from abroad, the University of Valencia is one of the most diverse colleges in Spain.

For students interested in studying public health, the University of Valencia has a few excellent options. The Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology and Parasitology provides the main course that will interest prospective students of public health.

The master’s in Public Health and Health Management teaches students about the main problems in public health, as well as policy solutions. While the university does not have a doctorate in public health, it does offer degrees in related fields that could be of interest.

The university is connected with many well-known institutions in Europe and around the world. The university is part of the Erasmus program, meaning students that want to study abroad for a time have many options.

2. University of Granada

Home to over 80,000 students, the University of Granada is one of the largest schools and also a top university for public health in Spain. It is also one of the best known and is highly ranked internationally. Founded nearly 500 years ago, the university has continued excelling in many areas and currently places in the top 150 European universities (Times World University Rankings).

The Department of Preventative Medicine and Public Health is home to a few outstanding programs for students that wish to get started in this field. There are degrees available for master’s and Ph.D. students interested in public health. All the options offered by the university are highly regarded and will provide the foundations for a student’s career in public health.

The university’s campus is also one of the most expansive in the country. It is home to a wide variety of student associations, cultural workshops, and sports facilities, all of which students attending the university can join.

3. Autonomous University of Barcelona

One of the newer universities in Spain, the Autonomous University of Barcelona has grown to be one of the most important in all of Spain. As of today, the Autonomous University of Barcelona is recognized for being an excellent school for public health in Spain and ranks incredibly highly – currently, it is ranked in the top 200 global universities by the Times World University Rankings, demonstrating the quality of its teaching.

The university offers a joint degree alongside Pompeu Fabra University, which is also based in Barcelona. This joint program has been offered since 2006 and has been accredited multiple times by international bodies. The program helps students develop the critical thinking and research skills that will help them to excel in the public health field.

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Spain, second only to Madrid in terms of population. Students studying at UAB should take the chance to explore this historic city – the Gothic Quarter, Palace of Catalan Music, and Camp Nou (the home of FC Barcelona) are all worth exploring if you get the chance.

4. University of Oviedo

Founded in 1574, the University of Oviedo is another top university in Spain that offers the chance to study public health. The university is ranked in the top 200 European universities, according to the Times European Teaching Rankings.

For students interested in studying public health can take part in the university’s master’s degree in public health in disasters. This degree focuses on dealing with public health issues during times of crisis (such as during natural disasters).

This university is taken as part of the Erasmus Mundus program, meaning students get the opportunity to study at the Karolinska Institutet and the Université Catholique de Louvain. The University of Oviedo is also connected to many other universities across Europe with which students can study.

5. Autonomous University of Madrid

Another excellent university that offers degrees in public health in Spain is the Autonomous University of Madrid. Founded in 1968, the university has earned a positive reputation over the 50 years of its existence. As of 2022, the AUM is ranked as the 159th best university worldwide, according to the QS World University Rankings.

For students interested in studying public health, the Department of Preventive Medicine, Public Health, and Microbiology is the best place to look. The department offers a variety of master’s degrees related to public health, such as biomedicine, epidemiology, and bioinformatics. The university also offers a specialized doctorate in public health.

In conclusion, there are a large number of options for students that want to study public health in Spain. All of the universities discussed above offer unique options that help students to develop their skills and knowledge, setting them up for success in the future.


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