Do you believe that education is the number 1 key to success? After all, it’s through college life where you could earn life experiences and build your network. Hence, if you are looking forward to rising above from where you are now, you might want to get into Cal State, LA, and see how it can help you soar. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State, LA).

This public university upholds students’ interests above all others. Here, students are given all the help, advice, and resources for them to become the best persons that they could be. Located in Los Angeles, California, this university is recognized as the #1 university for upward mobility in the country. Thus, if you are still unsatisfied as to where you are right now, let Cal State, LA give you a lift.

In 1947, this academic institution was officially founded through an ordinance signed by the California legislature. It started as Los Angeles State College (LASC) with over 136 students. Two years later, LASC experienced exponential growth in its enrollment as it started to cater to more than 2,000 students. You can attend this university if you are a good student since the acceptance rate at Cal State LA is not too low.

During the early 50s, LASC, now renamed California State University, Los Angeles was accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This occasion paved the way for this learning institution to become today’s campus to hold historic events, such as California Governor Gray Davis signing of the historical Cal Gran program which expands this university’s scholarship program for the students.

Presently, Cal State, LA is committed to aiding students in the development of their intellect, skills, and character for success after college. It holds that the success of this institution is the students’ success. Thus, by putting the future of students first, this university provides them with the professors, resources, and opportunities dedicated to helping them throughout their college life.

As a large public institution, California State University, Los Angeles has over 129 undergraduate programs, 112 master’s degrees, and 4 doctorate programs. With these options, students have the freedom to discover their interests and pursue their passion.

Among these course programs, the most popular majors are Business, Sociology, and Psychology.

Cal State, LA also caters to more than 21,000 undergraduate students, both locally and internationally. Also, this university has good ethnic diversity among its students. Thus, multi-cultural consciousness and awareness are observed.

With its student-centric education, California State University, Los Angeles is recognized as one of America’s Best Colleges by the U.S. News & World Report. Also, it ranked consistently among the Best Value Schools and Best Colleges for Veterans.

Indeed, with its network of alumni and recognized education system, Cal State, LA can definitely lead its students to become valuable assets of tomorrow.

Acceptance Rate at Cal State LA

California State University, Los Angeles has a high acceptance rate of 46%. After all, it’s quality education and affordability in one. Although it only requires an SAT score of 890 to 1080 and an ACT score of 15 to 20, it seems that getting in might pose a challenge to applicants.

Nonetheless, success is nothing without risks. Thus, if you want to aim high, try it at Cal State, LA.


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