The California State University system has two polytechnics, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is one of the institutes of higher learning. The history of California Polytechnic School began in 1901, and the first academic session commenced on the 1st of October 1903 with 20 students in attendance, 4 of the students being female. Since then, the population at the university has been ever-increasing, although the increase in students witnessed a drop in student enrollment during WWII. During these earlier periods of the university, courses offered at the school were for three years, however, after the administration of the school went under state control, and the school began to provide vocational and technical training for two years in 1933.  During WWII, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo offered its first bachelor’s degree in arts, thus leading to the renaming of the school to California State Polytechnic College in 1947 to indicate the education being provided at the institution. Two years after it was renamed,  the school recorded another landmark feat by including a Masters of Arts degree in its curriculum. The school was renamed in its current name in 1971 when the lawmakers in the state signed that it should be renamed. In this article, we will be looking at California State Polytechnic University’s acceptance rate.

In terms of college size, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is a huge school occupying an approximated 9,700 acres of land. The institution has six faculties offering over 60 disciplines for undergraduate degrees and 39 for graduate programs. The college of Arts established in 1947 was the first faculty to be found at the university.

Based on the recent Forbes ranking, the institute is placed at 127th position on the list of top institutes of higher school of learning in the USA. Based on the regional classification of universities in the country, the U.S. News % World Report ranks Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as the best public institution in the Western region, while it seats comfortably among the top 20 institutions both private and public in its area. You will need to be a good student to join this university because the Cal Poly acceptance rate is 30%.

In the California State University System, the provision of accommodation for approximately 6,300 students on campus is the biggest. There are five hostels on campus representing a diverse community of students at the institution. At the moment, Greek life is on suspension at the university. Nevertheless, there are over 100 societies for students at the institution.

Acceptance Rate at California Polytechnic State University

The admission into this prestigious institution has been described as more selective. In the past five admission cycles, the acceptance rate at the university has fluctuated between 29-35%. During the last admission phase, approximately 57,000 freshmen applied to the university. However, only 16,500 students were offered admission, indicating an acceptance rate at Cal Poly of 30% and only 26% of those offered admission enrolled. 99% of the students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo are undergraduates. The acceptance rate for a transfer student is also low. Only 15% of applicants were accepted at the university during the last admission cycle. The university is a diverse environment with gender equality been promoted, 48% of the students at the institution are women, and in the previous admission exercise, 51% of freshmen offered admission were women.


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