CELPIP is a general English language skills test used by the Canadian government’s immigration department to assess the language competency of candidates for a residence permit in Canada, as well as of applicants for Canadian citizenship. In this article, we are going to have a thorough look at the different CELPIP scores and the terms within which they can be obtained.

1. What is the perfect CELPIP score?

As per the 2018 report of Paragon Testing Enterprises, the highest CELPIP General Test score for each of its four sections – Listening Reading, Writing and Speaking is 12. The lowest grade a candidate can receive is M, which stands for “Minimal proficiency or insufficient information to assess”, whereas the lowest pass score is 3, which means that the candidate possesses some proficiency in limited contexts.

Of all candidates who took the CELPIP General Test last year, eleven percent earned the highest possible score of 12 in the Listening part, while 24% excelled in the Reading Part. By contrast, only five percent of all test takers earned twelve out of twelve possible points in the Speaking section, and only 01% excelled in the Writing section.

So, hypothetically speaking, if you earn the maximum amount of points in all of the four sections of the CELPIP General Test, your total score will be 48.


2. What CELPIP score is needed for citizenship?

Those who wish to apply for Canadian citizenship are required to sit the lighter version of the CELPIP Test, the so-called CELPIP-General LS. According to the latest information published on the website of the Canadian Government, all applicants between eighteen and fifty-four years of age are required to cover Level Four of the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB).

According to the abovementioned report of Paragon Testing Enterprises, CLB Level 4 corresponds to CELPIP level 4.

In other words, the applicant should earn at least 4 points in each of the two sections of the CELPIP-General LS – Listening and Speaking. Essentially, CLB Level 4 means that the candidate possesses adequate proficiency in the English language to perform most of their daily life activities.


3. How can I check my CELPIP score?

All CELPIP scores are published online within eight business days after the test. The candidates who pay for Express Ratings (see below) will get online access to their scores within 3 business days. You can ask to receive a notification via email, once your score has been made available online. The easiest and fastest way to check your CELPIP score will be to just log into your CELPIP Online account. Furthermore, your CEPIP score is kept in your account for a period of two years after the test date.

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4. How long does it take to get my CELPIP Score?

When you register to sit the CELPIP test, you generally have two options to choose from, regarding the availability of your CELPIP score – Regular Rating, and Express Rating. As it becomes clear from its name, the second option is much faster and it is, therefore, somehow more expensive.

First, you should note that the Express Rating option is available for all test sittings, except those that take place on a Sunday. In addition, this option is available for both the CELPIP-General Test and the CELPIP-General LS Test.

The Price of the Express Rating service is CAD 100 for the CELPIP-General Test and CAD 70 for the CELPIP-General LS Test, provided that the candidate sits these tests in Canada. The Express Rating options for international test-takers costs CAD 150. The three quoted prices do not include taxes.

The candidates who pay for this premium score availability service will be able to check their CELPIP results within three business days from the date of the exam. They also receive their paper test reports via priority shipping at no extra charge. Thus, their CELPIP paper score reports are scheduled to arrive in 3 business days after they have been posted.

The candidates who opt for the cheaper option, and namely the Regular Rating, are eligible to receive two CELPIP Official Score reports on paper, as these are included in their registration fee. Additional reports can be obtained against a fee of CAD 20 each. The paper copies of the official score reports may take between four and ten business days to arrive with Canada’s regular postage service, while priority postage can be purchased separately.


 5. What is the minimum CELPIP score required for a permanent residence in Canada?

To apply for a permanent residence in Canada, the candidates are required to sit the more comprehensive version of the CELPIP exam, and namely the CELPIP General Test.

Please note that all CELPIP results are considered valid by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a period of two years from the date of their publication. Our research has shown that for candidates coming from countries where English is not the official language, the minimum CLB level required for permanent residence is 5, which means that he or she shall score an average of 5 points in each component of the exam. However, if the candidate comes from a country where English is the first official language, they are required to score CLB level 7 or higher.


6. Can I have my CELPIP score reevaluated?

All candidates who have sat the CELPIP-General Test can file a request for a reevaluation of their scores in some or all of the test’s sections within six months of the date of test-taking. The fee amounts to $65 per component and is payable at the time of the application.

If the candidate’s CELPIP-General score alters following the reevaluation of a specific section of the test, he or she is eligible to a full refund of the re-evaluation fee for that particular section.

The reevaluation process usually takes two weeks to complete. Each of the four components of the CELPIP-General Test of a particular candidate can be reevaluated only once. Once the total reevaluation fee is paid, it cannot be refunded, should the candidate decide not to have their test scores rechecked.


I hope that this article on the CELPIP Score was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.