Belize is a free country, located in Central America, on the coast of the Caribbean. People of many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures live in this country, which makes its society quite diverse. Many different languages are spoken in it, but its national language is English. Its population is very low relative to other countries in the region. Its economy largely depends on agricultural goods, crude oil, fruits, and tourism. Belize has the Caribbean Sea on one side and dense forests on the other.

Because of the spots like the coast, Belize barrier reef, scattered islands, and many excellent recreational sites for fishing, boating, rafting, scuba diving, and jungles, it’s a good spot for tourism and adventure. Belize is a developing country. The country is desperately trying to improve access, quality, and governance of education. It has started many projects on vocational training and education. Many educational institutes were also established in the last decade for making life standards higher. Most of these institutions are private. Many institutes are offering scholarships and financial aids, and many students avail themselves of these opportunities every year.

Cheapest Universities in Belize

1. University of Belize

  • Average tuition fees for international students: 6,000 USD/year

The University of Belize (also known as UB), established in the year 2000, is a public university located in Belmopan, Belize. It is an educational and research institute that is dedicated to higher education in Belize. It is offering associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. It also offers certificates of diploma. It is comprised of six campuses, and three of its campuses are located in Belize City. Belize University also presents its students with the chance to practice and get practical experience related to their field.

UB has recently introduced a new research institute with the goal of improving the utilization of the natural resources of Belize. BU currently has 4 faculties and 13 departments which are faculty of education & arts; comprised of departments of language, arts, education, and history, faculty of management & social sciences; comprised of departments of business & accounting, and social sciences, faculty of science & technology; comprised of departments of agriculture, IT, science, and engineering, and faculty of nursing, allied health & social work; comprised of departments of allied health, nursing, and social work.

This cheap university in Belize has a student strength of about 5,000 and has an academic staff of over 500 experienced teachers. UB is offering financial aid and other scholarships to students. UB also has a relatively high acceptance rate. This is a great chance for students who are seeking admission in Belize.

2. Galen University (GU)

  • Average tuition fees for international students: 7,000 USD/year

Galen University, also called GU, is a private for-profit university. It was built in 2003 and is housed in San Ignacio, Belize. It focuses on the principles of quality, student focus, integrity, professionalism, and innovation. It is highly regarded for its programs in business, arts, and sciences. It is offering undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in disciplines of economics, arts, computer sciences, social sciences, and many more. Galen University has a low student-teacher ratio, which makes it a good learning environment for students. Teachers at GU always try to apply the best educational and teaching practices for making its educational standard higher.

As Galen University is a private institute, it does not compromise on the ethics, norms, and as well as standards of education. GU has worldwide affiliations with other educational institutes and industries. This cheap university in Belize plays a fundamental role in the career and character building of its students.

GU has three faculties; faculty of arts, science & technology, faculty of business & entrepreneurship, and faculty of education. The undergraduate programs that are being offered at GU include accounting, anthropology, archaeology, management & administration, economics, computer science, banking & finance, environmental sciences, international business, marketing, and elementary education. GU’s graduate programs include masters of social science (MSc), masters in education (MEd), masters in accountancy, and masters in business administration (MBA). As of now, about 450 students are enrolled at GU, and about 5% of these are international students. The tuition fees for citizens of Belize are much lower i.e. approximately 2,500 USD/year.

3. University of West Indies Open Campus

  • Average tuition fees for international students: 1,000 USD/year

University of West Indies Open Campus is a virtual university that was primarily built for one single purpose; promotion and advancement of education in several countries of the Caribbean. It is a public university and is supervised by the University of West Indies. It is one of the advanced institutes for education in the fields of arts, business, politics, and sports. This university has played a role in higher education elegantly. It is a prestigious educational institute, as it boasts a long list of notable alumni and faculty.

It has received many funds for making world-class education available for the masses of the Caribbean. Sites of Open Campus are available in various rural areas of the country for awareness and promotion of education. This cheap university in Belize offers undergraduate programs in the disciplines of youth development, educational leadership & management, and banking & finance. Its featured graduate programs include MA in English, industrial design & technology, and literacy instruction. Approximately, UWI has 4,000 student enrollments and has a faculty of over 300 members.

Many UWI alumni are very profound personalities, ranging from famous politicians, writers, and professors. These alumni include Kenny Anthony (former prime minister of St. Lucia), Dean Barrow (prime minister of Belize), David A. Granger (president of Guyana), David Thompson (former prime minister of Barbados), Sharon Aarons (soil scientist), Edwidge Danticat (poet), Patrick Lipton Robinson (judge of International Court of Justice), Olive Senior (novelist), and many more.


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