Being one of the least famous destinations, Laos receives one of the smallest groups of international students. Its history can be traced back to the 1400s during the kingdom of Lang Xang Hom Khao. Laos, however, became an independent state in 1953 under the leadership of a constitutional monarchy. It is among the Asian landlocked countries and consists of a thick and scenic forest. Therefore, if you are a fan of exploration, this country should be among your top picks. What many people like about studying in Laos is the unhurried tempo of life that gives them a perfect environment to learn. Do you want to study in Laos? Here are some of the cheapest universities in the country.

Universities in Laos with the Lowest Tuition Fees

1. Rattana Business Administration College

  • Annual Tuition Fee for International Students: $756 per year

Rattana Business Administration College was founded in 1974 as Rattana Commercial School. Mr. Somphet Rattanasim was the founder and followed the requirements set by the Ministry of Education. With more than 20 years of operation, RBAC was already among the oldest private commercial schools in Laos. However, in 1994 it was promoted to a college, hence the current name, and was able to offer tertiary programs. In 2002, it was accredited by the Ministry of Education to teach the BBA program. Considering its size and age, it is arguably the most developing college in the country. Its reputation has gone beyond the borders and is currently accepting international students, though not at a high rate. Therefore, as you apply to join this community, be ready to face stiff competition.

2. Savannakhet University

  • Annual Tuition Fee for International Students: $903 per year

Savannakhet University believes in the provision of equal access to higher education to both national and international students. It is aligned with the development needs, both economic and social, of the three Laos provinces.  Since it is one of the few developed universities in the country, this cheap university in Laos uses its reputation to connect the students with strategic developments planned by the national government. Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) – Laos – has only four universities and this is one of them. Although the university has been in existence for quite some time, it was authorised to offer degree programs as an independent university in 2009. The university is subdivided into nine faculties including agriculture and business administration.  The school has employed about 321 staff members trained to teach a group of over 3,000 students according to recent statistics.

3. National University of Laos

  • Annual Tuition Fee for International Students: $1,530 per year

Founded in 1996, the National University of Laos is one of the youngest universities not only in the country but across the globe. It is also the only national university in Laos and has the largest student population in the country. Several higher education institutes were merged to form one university supervised by the Ministry of Education. With an enrollment of over 23,000 students according to the 2019 statistics, the university has employed about 1,800 staff members to handle all academic programs at the institution. As such, the ratio of faculty members to students is around 1:14, which is quite impressive for a school of that size. This cheap university in Laos has five campuses, each offering a specific set of programs within 13 faculties. The National University of Laos accepts both local and international students to their programs.

4. Souphanouvong University

  • Annual Tuition Fee for International Students: $1,270 per year

Established in 2003, Souphanouvong University is one of the youngest institutions for higher education in the country. It is located in the former capital city of Laos, Luang Prabang. It is among the five national universities in the country and was named after Prince Souphanouvong, the country’s first president. The university is composed of two campuses with the main campus located in Ban Donmay. It currently offers more than 20 degree programs in education, economics, tourism, business, and agriculture. If you are an engineering student, there are also degree programs on offer such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering. Its cooperation with over 33 universities in and around the country is one of the features to look up to.

5. Lao-Korean College

  • Annual Tuition Fee for International Students: $1,320 per year

Lao-Korean College is located in Vientiane and was established in 2012. Within the past seven years, it has been able to attract both local and international students. The cheap college in Laos is divided into four departments and the main fields covered include accounting and Information Technology (IT). One unique feature about this institution is the fact that it is supported financially by two countries – Korea and Laos – hence the name Lao-Korean College.

6. University of Health Sciences Laos

  • Annual Tuition Fee for International Students: $1,950 per year

Established in 2001, the University of Health Sciences is another university in Laos that has shown a great deal of improvement over the past 18 years. It boasts of some of the lowest tuition fees in the country, which makes it an attractive destination for many students. The two main Bachelor degree programs offered at the university are Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Physics. The process of admission is dependent on your country, but it is generally simple and fast. However, because it is quite cheap, you might face a lot of competition from other students. Some of the documents that you will be required to submit are your academic transcripts, the online application form, IELTS and TOEFL certificates, and your passport.


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