Opening as the Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina in 1893 as an all-male military institution, the 1,400-acre campus was established in 1899 as a public land grant university that became coed in 1957, and soon became Clemson University in 1964. Around 20,000 students attend Clemson University, with over 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to choose from. Tuition at Clemson University ranges from $13,000 to $35,000 and annual expenses generally average at around $50,000. If you are interested in attending this university, knowing the acceptance rate at Clemson University really helps!

As a land grant university, it is strategically located around natural resources such as lakes, rivers, and mountains making rest and recreation a stone’s throw away from Clemson University.

Clemson University is near Lake Hartwell, which is one of the largest recreational areas in the Southeast popular for various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. In addition, the 17,500-acre Clemson Experimental Forest is open not only for recreation but also for research purposes as well.

It is also home to the Bowman Field, a grassy area named after an instructor in forge and foundry named Randolph Bowman. The Bowman Field is considered as ‘sacred soil’ as was formerly used as a parade ground for cadets and was also the former home of its football, baseball, and basketball teams. Bowman Field is now a popular recreational area for Clemson University’s students.

The Fike Recreation Center, formerly the Clemson Field House, is a popular center for sports and fitness activities among its students.

The university also houses the Clemson Carillion, which is the largest musical instrument in the campus. The carillon’s bells signify the change of the seasons and the start of the academic calendar at Clemson University.

Clemson University is popular for its Call Me Mister program, which is specifically catered to African-American students that aspire to become teachers in South Carolina public schools. The institution is also rated by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education with an R1, identifying a high research university category for the institution.

The Tigerama is one of the biggest and most-awaited events in Clemson, which is considered as the second largest homecoming event in the United States.

Owing to its military history, the entire senior class of 1917 enlisted for World War I, with over 33 of its alumni passing away due to the conflict.

Clemson University is also home to the Clemson Centennial Oak, which is the largest bur oak tree in South Carolina.

Clemson University’s Alpha Phi Omega hosts the Blood Bowl, which is a blood drive competition with its rival University of South Carolina.

Actor Dolph Lundgren, musician Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge, basketball Player Horace Grant who played for the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, and TV host and journalist Nancy O’Dell of Entertainment Tonight are some of the famous individuals that have attended Clemson University. If you want to be part of these famous alumni, you can apply to Clemson. Chances are, you will be admitted due to the relatively high acceptance rate at Clemson University.

The Clemson Tigers represent the institution in NCAA Division I Atlantic Coast Conference. It adopted the Tiger Paw logo in 1970, which was inspired by the Bengal tiger and created by John Antonio. Over 19 varsity teams have a long-standing rivalry with the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Still owing to its military history, Clemson Tiger’s 65-pound mascot manages to conduct push-ups on its home football games depending on Clemson’s points every time their team lands a touchdown.

Acceptance Rate at Clemson University

Now, the acceptance rate at Clemson University is 51%. This means that out of every 100 applicants, approximately 51 students get accepted, or 1 out of 2 applicants get accepted. This is not a low acceptance rate considering the academic excellence that Clemson University provides. So, if you have this university on your list, get your GPA and SAT/ACT scores up!


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