Colorado State University is a public research institute in Fort Collis in the state of Colorado, USA. The university was established in 1870 and spans nearly 5,000 acres of land. Besides this academic land, the university also has 4,600 acres of land area designated to research centers. The university ranks at a position of 75 in the United States and 400 in the entire world. Colorado State University is home to more than 25,000 students pursuing an education in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. The university offers degrees in 65 undergraduate programs, 55 graduate programs, and about 40 Ph.D. programs. This article will cover the history and the acceptance rate at Colorado State University.

Besides the main campus in Fort Collins, Colorado State University also houses three other campuses: Foothills Campus, Agricultural Campus, and Pingree Park Mountain Campus. The Foothills campus shows its prominence in the fields of atmospheric sciences. The agricultural campus offers programs in agricultural sciences and has about 1500 acres of agricultural land. CSU mountain campus is situated in the beautiful Pingree valley in the Mummy Mountain range and specializes in Rock studies and natural sciences. Colorado State University also has a huge veterinary hospital named The James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital where various programs in veterinary sciences are taught to students. The best thing about the university is its beautiful location. There are many hiking and camping spots near the campus where students can go for their recreation and refreshment. In winter, various sites are available for skiing. Students with decent SAT/ACT and GPA can study at this beautiful campus, and it is quite easy to be admitted because of the 78% acceptance rate at the Colorado State University.

CSU shows its dominance in research work in the fields of atmospheric sciences, environmental sciences, biomedical technologies, and clean energy technologies. Each year, the university spends about $300 million on research endeavors. 4600 acres of land in the university is designated to research activities that house many research centers where various conferences are held throughout the year.

CSU athletics society houses many sports including football, volleyball, and basketball, just to mention a few. Each year, Colorado Rams, the athletic teams representing CSU, take part in Mountain West Conference, a conference that sponsors FBS Football League. Colorado Rams titled three Mountain West Championships to its name in the years 1999, 2000, and 2002. The home stadium of CSU football teams, Canvas Stadium, has a capacity of 41,000. Various state-level tournaments are held on this ground throughout the year.

Colorado State’s dorms are one of the nation’s best. The institute offers well-furnished residence halls and apartments to its students where they experience comfortable university life. The Morgan Library in the main campus of Fort Collis contains more than 300 million volumes both physical and digital. One huge problem with the university is transportation issues. The bus service is only available on weekdays and during holidays, you have to hire a cab for transportation whose rents are significantly higher.

Acceptance Rate at Colorado State University

The Colorado State University, with an acceptance rate of 78%, is a barely selective school. In the latest admission cycle, 24,000 students applied out of which 20,000 were accepted by the university. An average student with normal SAT and ACT scores can easily get admission here. If you are an excellent student, you won’t have any difficulty in being accepted and might even get a merit-based scholarship.


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