Do you want to know the acceptance rate of Concordia University?  If so, you have come to the right place! However, before we take a look at the acceptance rates, let’s take a look at the background information.

Concordia University is a public comprehensive university that is based in Montreal, Canada. One of the only English-speaking universities in Quebec, the university was established in 1974 after the amalgamation of Loyola College and Sir George Williams University. Located in the heart of the world’s best student cities, the university ensures its students are exposed to an enriching academic and extra-curricular environment in preparation for their entry into society. This has enabled Concordia to become one of the top universities in Canada with a global, world-class reputation for academics and research.

The University consists of two specific campuses: Loyola Campus and Sir George Williams Campus, of which the latter is considered to be the main campus. Concordia is distinguished by four major faculties which are catered towards Arts & Science, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Business. Small centers, colleges, and institutes are established within the campuses as well.

Collectively, over 300 undergraduate and 100 graduate programs and courses are provided for the students with the aim to provide them with several opportunities to seek meaningful career prospects. The John Molson School of Business has been rated positively for its reputation in academics and has been consistently ranked as one of the top business schools in Canada and the top 100 in the world. So, what do you think the acceptance rate will be?

The Loyola Campus, which is 7 km from the main campus towards the west end of Montreal, is home to a science complex as well as the Centre for Structural and Functional Genomic. The PERFORM Centre (Prevention, Evaluation, Rehabilitation, formation) is located here, which is devoted to researching optimal health through preventative measures. The Loyola campus is also home to the departments of journalism, communication studies, and social sciences.

The university has an enrollment of around 46,000 students of which 80% study undergraduate degrees. The remainder follows postgraduate degrees or other types of courses offered by Concordia. With its diverse range of students who hail from over 100 different countries, Concordia has been committed to providing the best student environment. The two main libraries in the university are open for the students 24 hours a day and provide access to a vast collection of books as well as reading rooms.

The university also has the Concordia Student Union whose members comprise over 33,000 of the total students. This student-run organization collectively governs the issues of undergraduates and helps to maintain all the student societies and clubs in the university.

Students have spaces for hands-on learning via labs and simulation rooms which gives them opportunities to transform their theoretical knowledge into practical applications. Galleries and theatres are built to offer chances for students, academics, and the entire community to reach a public audience. A startup incubator known as District 3 is provided by the university to help students to pitch their ideas, collaborate and build knowledge, build networks and develop their strategy while benefiting from the expertise of mentors.

Concordia has a network of over 200,000 alumni working worldwide and has helped its graduates to become successful in whatever field they have chosen. Among the alumni, a few prominent names include Keith Heron (philosopher), George Vanier (former governor-general), Dominic D’Alessandro (CEO), E. Annie Proulx (author), Will Arnett (actor), Emily Haines (singer), and Lawrence Bergman (politician).

Concordia University Acceptance Rate

I hope that the background information was helpful to you. Concordia University is a good school, but they do accept many students. It is difficult to graduate, but if you do all the work and get good grades, you won’t have any problems. Since the population of Canada is pretty small, they need to accept many international students, and that’s why the acceptance rate is pretty high and is estimated to be 64%. If you have good grades and recommendation letters, you will be able to get in.


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