Do you want to get an internship at Google? If so, you need to apply. In this article, we will be looking at the application procedures for a Google Internship as well as eligibility criteria, interview process, and application deadline.

Please note that this information is for internships. If you want to apply for a full-time job, then some of these are applicable to you, but you should take a look at Google Career Site.

Why internships, you may ask. Internships help you to get a get real-life experience, and it is one of the criteria that your future employers look for when reviewing applications. If you have interned at a prestigious place like Google, you will be most likely to get hired by other companies. So, let’s take a look at how you can apply for a Google Internship.

Application Requirements

To be eligible, you need the following:

  • resume
  • transcript
  • cover letter, short essay, or additional information depending on the internship

What Do You Need in Your Resume?

If you want your resume to shine, keep in mind these things:

  • Include skills or experience that are relevant to the position that you are applying for. That means if you are applying for a marketing job, do not include non-relevant experience such as winning science competitions.
  • Include projects that you have worked on or managed
  • Include your GPA as well as courses and projects that are relevant
  • Your resume should be sweet and short. That means one page. If your resume is too long, the staff would not take the time to read it all.

Interview Process

Once you submit your application, the Human Resource team will review your application, ask for supplementary materials if needed, and contact you to interview if they need. These interviews may be a phone interview, video call interview, or actual person-to-person interview, especially for technical jobs. If you are interested in more details, visit Applying to Google Page.

Google Internship Openings

Now, let’s talk about open Google Internships. They have been divided into business and engineering roles. So, if you are interested, visit Business Internships and Engineering Internships.

They have many different types of jobs under the broad name of business, which includes marketing, information technology, sales, etc. Also, under engineering internships, there are many different types of engineering.

So you do not need to be in computer science or a related field. You can be in other fields and still apply to Google.

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Now, there are offices all over the world that are looking for interns. This includes many countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. So, you do not have to come all the way over to the USA to do your internship. If internships are offered in your country, great! Apply there. If not, find the ones that are closest to you and apply!

Application Fee

Just wanted to clarify, there are no application fees for this internship.


If you want to apply, visit Business Internships and Engineering Internships.