New York University (NYU) is a private research university based in Manhattan, New York City. The university was established in 1831 with its main campus in Greenwich Village and has now expanded to operate as a global university with several international campuses and academic centers across the world. NYU has a high academic reputation and is consistently ranked among the top 30 universities in the world. The university is further associated with prestigious alumni and graduates across various fields and is known for producing a high volume of alumni who are millionaires. In this article, we will discuss the acceptance rate at New York University.

NYU’s main campus is the Washington Square Campus located in Greenwich Village in the heart of Manhattan. The university comprises hundreds of academic buildings that are spread across Manhattan as well as Brooklyn in New York City. The Washington Square campus is the central area of NYU and operates several university facilities, academic buildings, and theatre conservatoires for the academic community. It is also home to NYU’s Bobst Library which is among the largest libraries in the United States; it provides over 4 million volumes for study purposes and offers space for around 2,000 students.

The university also has its Brooklyn Campus. This is home to the School of Engineering, the Centre for Urban Science & Progress as well as several other departmental buildings. In addition to this, the university operates several affiliated departments in foreign countries. Starting with the Tisch School of Arts in Singapore, NYU expanded its campuses to Abu Dhabi and Shanghai in 2010 and 2011 respectively. In addition, several academic centers have been established in over 12 sites including Accra, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Florence, London, Los Angeles, and Paris – these provide one-year academic programs and summer programs for students who wish to study for a year abroad.

In terms of the academic structure, NYU consists of 10 undergraduate schools and 15 professional graduate schools. The undergraduate schools include the College of Arts & Sciences, the Steinhardt School of Culture & Education, and the recently opened Global Liberal Studies. Graduate schools include the Schools of Law and Medicine, the Graduate School of Arts & Science, and the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. If you are interested in studying at these colleges, you will need to go through the competitive acceptance rate at New York University.

The university has a high commitment to research as well. NYU receives well over $500 million worth of grants for its research community. The university is associated with several groundbreaking inventions and discoveries – these include the cardiac defibrillator, the artificial cardiac pacemaker, the polio vaccine, the development of the atomic bomb, and the theory behind x-ray crystallography.

NYU currently has a living alumni network of well over 450,000 people living across the world. The university is associated with several Nobel laureates including Francis Crick (with his studies on DNA), Wole Soyinka, and Clifford Shull. Several notable business people are connected to the university as well; this includes Rajiv C. Mody (founder of Sasken), Robert J. Stevens (CEO of Lockheed Martin), Kenneth Langone (founder of The Home Depot), Charles Zegar (one of the founders of Bloomberg LP), Alfred. P. Sloan (founder of General Motors) and Charles Flint (founder of IBM). Alumni connected to entertainment include prominent figures such as Aziz Ansari, Dakota Fanning, Taylor Schilling, John Cusack, and Lady Gaga.

 Acceptance Rate at New York University

I hope that you are now familiar with this university, and what it offers to its students. Now, the acceptance rate at New York University is 32%. This means that roughly 32 students out of 100 applicants get accepted to the university. This is a fairly competitive school, and therefore, you need to be a great applicant. Work on getting your SAT/ACT score and also your GPA. If you do, you will have a fair shot at being accepted at New York University.


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