Do you want to know the acceptance rate at Penn State? If so, you have come to the right article! But before we get to the acceptance rate, let’s look at the background information. If you are interested, take a look at the Penn State Scholarships to view scholarship information!

The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) is a public, commonwealth, and doctoral university primarily based in University Park with additional campuses throughout Pennsylvania. The university was established in 1855 as the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania. Penn State has since developed into an elite institution of higher education and has been declared a ‘Public Ivy’ university due to its exceptional standards of academics that are on par with that of an Ivy League university. It is committed to providing an enriching and well-rounded collegiate experience for its student community.

Penn State’s main flagship campus is based in University Park and is composed of many of the residence halls, administrative buildings, and academic areas such as the College of Sciences area and the Engineering area. The university further maintains 19 commonwealth campuses as part of the Penn State system such as Behrend and The Capital College, which are spread throughout the state area. Over 60% of freshmen commence their degrees at a commonwealth campus. Students have the choice of applying to either University Park or any other commonwealth campus; University Park is the most selective as it receives an overwhelming number of applications.

The university has around 18 academic colleges and schools. These include the Eberly College of Science, Pennsylvania College of Technology, the Graduate School, the two accredited law schools of Dickinson Law and Penn State Law as well as several more. Over 160 different majors are offered across all the campuses.

The university further follows a decentralized system where students can transfer between campuses given their academics are at a good level. In addition to this, the university also maintains the Penn State World Campus, an online campus that offers over 60 long-distance learning certificates, programs, and degrees.

Research plays a strong role in the university. Penn State spends over $700 million in research funding and is part of several research networks such as the Big 10 Academic Alliance and the Worldwide Universities Network. Its dominant areas of research include materials engineering, psychology, mechanical engineering, and sociology. As you can see, the research at Penn State is very strong, and therefore, you can expect the acceptance rate to be competitive.

When considering the complete university network including the online campus, the university has an enrolment of nearly 100,000 students. The University Park campus alone has a population of over 45,000 students, which makes this one of the largest campuses in the United States. The student community has access to over 800 different organizations. Penn State also hosts the largest student-run charity event, the IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon which has raised a record of over $13 million for cancer research.

The Penn State Alumni Association comprises around 510,000 graduates across the globe and has produced a series of eminent individuals who have excelled in several fields including politics, business, science, and arts. Some notable figures include the following:

  • Herman Fisher – Co-founder of Fisher-Price,
  • Mark Parker – CEO of Nike
  • Matt Brezina – Co-founder of Xobni, the premier software development enterprise
  • Hugh Rodham – Businessman, father of Hilary Clinton
  • John Aniston – actor
  • Ty Burrel – Actor
  • Kelly Ayotte – former US Senator
  • Paul Berg – Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Pennsylvania State University Acceptance Rate

I hope that you learned a lot about Penn State background information. Now, let’s take a look at the acceptance rates. Pennsylvania State University has an acceptance of 51%. That’s roughly 1 out of 2 students who get accepted. You do have to know that not all who accepted choose to enroll. The acceptance rate of 50% is not as competitive of as other universities. So, if you really want to attend this school, getting accepted would not be hard if you have good GPA and test scores.


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