With a campus spreading on 270 acres, Sonoma State University is a small and welcoming higher educational institution in California. In this article, we will be looking at the history and the acceptance rate at Sonoma State University.

It was founded back in 1960 with an academic emphasis on the liberal arts, sciences, and winemaking technologies. The university now has more than 8,500 students, one-third of whom live on campus. They are being trained in ninety BA programs and twenty MA ones. When students need to chill out during the weekend, the options are numerous, because Sonoma State is just an hour away from San Francisco by car.

This is the nineteenth most popular public university in the West of the USA, so it isn’t surprising that its students receive top-quality interdisciplinary education. One professor supervises the academic progress of 23 graduate and undergraduate students. They enjoy comfortable dwelling in residence halls and apartment complexes, designed to cater to all tastes and budgets.

What makes Sonoma State really unique is the fact that its School of Business and Economics offers the only higher education program in winemaking in the USA. The Wine Business Institute provides both BA and MA programs, with some of the most popular courses being Wine Business Strategies, Wine Production, Operations, and Distribution.

While the university generally accepts all hard-working students who have earned a high school diploma, it should be kept in mind that the current acceptance rate at Sonoma State is just over 80%, which makes this school moderately selective.

Yet, it is perfectly fine to have a mixture of Bs and As at the high school transcripts, as the average GPA of this university is just 3.25. On the same note, the average SAT admission score is just under 1,100. If you are planning to apply with ACT, you should bear in mind that the average admission score is 22.

The quality higher education that you are going to receive at Sonoma State comes at a price, though. The total cost of attendance for residents of the State of California has been estimated at just under $30,000, while the one for non-residents of California goes well above $40,000 a year. However, many students are eligible for both merit and need-based scholarships, which can cover most, if not all, of the tuition fees.

Acceptance Rate at the Sonoma State University

If the above information sounds appealing to you and you are considering to apply to Sonoma State, keep in mind that the deadline for sending in your papers, including a motivation letter and an essay, is November 30th. The application fee for this university is $55 and is non-refundable. The acceptance rate at Sonoma State University is 80%.

If you are planning to have a car at your disposal while studying, the parking fee is $260 per semester for a reserved parking space and just over $100 per semester without a reserved space.

Over 70% of all students receive some kind of need-based financial aid. The deadline for submitting a FAFSA application is January 31st.

On the whole, Sonoma State University is a good school to apply if you hail from a family with long winemaking traditions, or if you have got pronounced interest in the liberal arts.


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