Trent University is a public Canadian university. It is located in a suburban area in Peterborough, in the state of Ontario. It was created in 1962, under an act which was the effort of a committee of the citizens of Peterborough. They wanted a university to serve their city and nearby counties. The university has two campuses, known as the Symons and Oshawa campuses. The Oshawa campus is a satellite campus. This post will focus on the acceptance rate at Trent University so that you will be more informed.

The Symons campus has been divided into five colleges, with each college having its own residential halls and facilities. This makes Trent University known for following the “Oxbridge System.” The colleges at Trent are Lady Eaton, Otonabee, Peter Gzowski, Champlain, Catharine Parr Traill, Julian Blackburn, and Peter Robinson. These names are derived from famous Canadian figures, with the exception of Otonabee, which has been named after the Otonabee River. Each campus serves as the base for different schools of education. For example, Lady Eaton College contains offices for philosophy, women’s studies, and the languages departments. Champlain college serves as the base for the political studies faculty. At Trent Durham, degrees are mostly available for education in the business or social sciences. Some programs allow students to take courses at the Peterborough campus. To take these courses, students have passed the acceptance rate at Trent University, which is not hard to do.

Trent University has seven educational schools. These schools comprise the schools of business, nursing, education, and professional learning, environment, Canadian studies, arts, and science, and social science. Trent University also announced its Research and Innovation Park, which is now named Cleantech Commons, in 2017.

The education at Trent appreciated and integrated traditional teachings. Trent University was the first in Canada, and second in the whole of North America, to create a specific department for the study of the Indigenous people. They also provide educational and performative spaces and access to the Indigenous people.

Currently, it is estimated that 7,800 undergraduate students and 500 graduate students are enrolled at Trent University Symons Campus. This makes Trent, Peterborough a medium-sized university. At Trent University Durham, the Oshawa campus, there are a total of 1,200 enrolled students. Not many international students attend Trent University, as only 0.2% of enrolled students are from out of the state of Ontario. Trent University is also affiliated with the Universities Canada board.

Acceptance Rate at Trent University

Trent University is ranked among the top 3.6% of universities in the world. According to Maclean’s University Rankings, Trent’s undergraduate programs rank at 1 in Ontario, and 3 in Canada. Center for World University Rankings places Trent at 29th among the best Canadian universities, and at 884th internationally. US News has placed Trent University at the 1,148th rank, and at the 32nd rank in Canada.

This university is not selective, with Trent University’s acceptance rate estimated to be 85%. This means that for every 100 people that apply, 85 people are able to secure admission. The university’s admission requirements are fairly low, with a minimum high school GPA requirement of 2.8. The tuition fees is also relatively higher than other Canadian higher education institutions.


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