The University of Delaware, like many higher education institutions, started off as a college with a totally different name. Initially known as Newark College, its construction plans began in 1818 but lack of funds delayed the process. The university is unique because the funds used for its construction were acquired through a lottery in 1825. It became operational in 1834 before changing its name to Delaware College in 1845, and finally to the University of Delaware in 1921. Financial issues lagged its development in the 19th century but have since developed into one of the best institutions in the U.S. Read on to find out more about the history and the acceptance rate at the University of Delaware!

UD’s population is currently at 23,000 with 19,200 undergraduates enrolled in various programs. 40% of the total population hails from Delaware while the rest are admitted from various parts of the world. UD supports distance learning and 7% of students are already doing their studies remotely. Based on the current statistics, it has moderate ethnic diversity as compared to other universities. The ratio of the available faculty members to students is 1:15, which is an impressive number. In addition, 97% of all lecturers are full-time employees. With a 71% on-time graduation rate, there are higher chances that your graduation ceremony will not be delayed if all the requirements are met.

The campus is subdivided into four areas; the Main, Laird, South, and Delaware Technology Park Campuses. Most residential and academic buildings are within the Main Campus. Laird Campus is more of an accommodation section with a conference center, hotel, and dormitories hosted here. Sports and research facilities are located at the South and Delaware Tech Park Campuses respectively. There are seven colleges offering various academic programs at the institution. They cover 26 different fields of study offering 107 undergraduate degrees (78 majors). Liberal Arts, Financial Management, and Health Education are the three most popular programs at UD. Due to the acceptance rate at the University of Delaware being 63%, you will have no problem studying here if you have good stats during high school.

U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Delaware as the 89th best university in 2019. This is based on the overall performance of the school as compared to other institutions in the same category. It is the 18th best university among those offering Biomedical Engineering. UD is also known for its high-quality research and education in physical therapy.

Moving from one campus to the other is made simpler by the availability of UD Shuttle. Each route within the university has different times of operation. With more than 400 student-run clubs and organizations, you will not miss something that might excite you. There are over 40 sororities and fraternities in UD’s Greek system which had accommodated over 20% of the students. All freshmen are required to live on campus unless they live with their parents.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Delaware

The University of Delaware’s acceptance rate is currently 63%, which is more than most institutions. In every 100 applicants, there are 63 successful applications. If you aspire to be the next UD freshman, you will need to meet some basic requirements.

First, the submission of either your ACT or SAT scores is compulsory. Also, you should outscore your peers in terms of GPA since there is no minimum value set by UD. Finally, a $75 nonrefundable fee is needed to facilitate your application.


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