British universities have always been on the bucket list of students around the world. They either dream of studying or just visit these universities, which have stood the test of time and continue to provide high-quality education every year. One of the universities on the list of many students is the University of Oxford. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at the University of Oxford.

The University of Oxford is a research university located in Oxford, England. It is the oldest university among all universities in all English-speaking countries. It is also the second-oldest university that has continuously operated in the world. While the exact date of its foundation is not clear, evidence has shown that teaching started in 1096. Bu 1167, the teaching practice rapidly developed after English students were not allowed to attend the University of Paris by King Henry II. A public reading was conducted by Gerald of Wales in 1188 in Oxford. The international scholarly links of the university started when Emo of Friesland arrived in 1190.

The first residence halls were established at Oxford in the 13th century following riots between the students and town folk. This was later followed by the establishment of the first colleges of Oxford: the Balliol College, the University College, and the Merton College. The university later became the most renowned seat of learning in the world. Its curriculum, doctrine, privileges, and antiquity allowed it to achieve this distinction among kings, sages, and popes.

While the University of Oxford was in the middle of numerous political and religious disputes, it eventually focused on scholarly studies in the18th century. At this point, Professor Edmund Halley discovered the comet bearing his name while the prayer meetings of John and Charles Wesley set the foundations of the soon-to-be-established Methodist Society.

Courses Offered by the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has over 30 colleges offering different courses for its students. Aside from the first three colleges, the other notable colleges of the university include New College, Exeter College, Christ Church College, and St. John’s College.

The University of Oxford offers over 350 graduate courses in different fields of discipline. The undergraduate courses at the University of Oxford include Archaeology and Anthropology, Computer Science and Philosophy, Engineering Science, Geography, Human Sciences, Law, Music, Medicine, and Physics. On the other hand, the postgraduate program of the university offers degrees in Ancient History, Applied Theology, Civil Law, Chemical Biology, Creative Writing, Economics, Education, Fine Art, Inorganic Chemistry, Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, and Theology, among others.

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University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

Similar to other universities in England, the University of Oxford requires students to submit the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application form. At this point, they will also check if the applicant needs to take an exam. After confirming and taking an exam, applicants will have to check if they need to pass any written work based on the course they selected. Once they are shortlisted for a slot in the university, they will have to go through an interview. After the interview process, applicants will receive the results in the first part of the following year. While entering the University of Oxford is a dream come true for many students, it is necessary to set proper expectations since the acceptance rate of the University of Oxford is only 17.5 percent.

Being one of the best universities in the world, the University of Oxford receives thousands of applicants every year.


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