Do you want to see the acceptance rates at the University of St. Andrews? If so, you went to the right place. Before we get to the acceptance rates, let’s talk about the background information.

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The University of St. Andrews is a campus that boasts a rich history. It was one of the first universities to be established in Scotland and the third oldest English-speaking university in the United Kingdom (after Oxford and Cambridge). St. Andrews has built its reputation as a global teaching and research hub with over 600 years of education.

The university has had quite a fascinating history, featuring turbulent periods during its inception in the 15th century. Today, St. Andrews has evolved into a university with a diverse and multicultural community with strong values in academic freedom, excellence, diversity, and curiosity. Around 10,000 students study at the university, with 8000 studying as undergraduates. About a third of the undergraduates are from Scotland while under half of the population come from international backgrounds and over 110 different nationalities.

St. Andrews is composed of three main colleges – United College, St. Leonard’s College, and St. Mary’s College. Through these, the campus is further divided into 18 academic schools organized across four main faculties. Under these faculties, around 900 degrees and courses are offered to students from all secondary educational backgrounds.

The high standards of education and academia consistently place the university in a high rank. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it has a competitive application rate and has high entry standards for prospective students. So, you may think that the university is hard to get into, but on the contrary, it has relatively high acceptance rates.

Countless facilities are offered for the students in both academic and extra-curricular fields. The university has four different libraries and is also home to the oldest reading room in Scotland, the King James Library. The campus also has an exclusive wind farm which helps it to be self-sufficient for energy supply while contributing to ‘a green economy’ for the environment.

The university is located in St. Andrews, County of Fife, Scotland. When considering the population of the town of St. Andrews, approximately half are university students, making it a student village of sorts.

The university has a high academic reputation and is currently placed at 3rd in the United Kingdom according to The Guardian. The Schools of Physics and Astronomy, Computer Science, International Relations, Geography, English, Mathematics currently rank 1st in the United Kingdom. The university also has a high reputation for Philosophy, Management, Middle Eastern & African Studies, and Anatomy & Physiology as well. The Times Higher Education rankings placed St. Andrews as one of the top 50 universities for Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts.

St. Andrews has countless eminent alumni ranging from scientists and mathematicians to politicians and philosophers. The university further boasts 6 Nobel Laureates across the fields of Chemistry, Physiology/Medicine, Peace, and Literature. This comes as no surprise considering the outstanding academic reputation that St. Andrews has.

World-renowned figures such as Edward Jenner (inventor of the Smallpox vaccine), John Knox (theologian), and John Napier (founder of Logarithms) are among the numerous prominent alumni of the university. Recent Alumni of St. Andrews also include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Chief of the UK Secret Intelligence, Alex Younger, Olympic cycler Chris Hoy and several more.

University of St. Andrews Acceptance Rates

Since we have discussed the background information at the University of St. Andrews, I hope that you want to attend this university. Now, let’s talk about acceptance rates. Data from the 2013 -2018 UCAS report shows that the acceptance rate at the University of St. Andrews is around 52%. This is quite a high acceptance rate for a university with great academics and education. I hope that you all consider applying to this excellent school. If you need financial assistance, please go to the University of St. Andrews Scholarships Page. They do offer scholarships for international students, so make sure to apply for them!


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