Famously known as Vandy, Vanderbilt University was named after its first benefactor, Cornelius Vanderbilt. It was founded in 1873 with its first building located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is currently one of the best private research institutions in the United States. Vandy is a specialist in education, medicine, and law programs with students from over 100 countries. The school’s reputation has spread beyond borders because of its facilities and learning resources. As such, many applications are expected every year. This article will discuss more on the acceptance rate at Vanderbilt University based on previous admissions.

There are over 12,500 students currently studying at Vandy and almost half of them are taking undergraduate programs. Only 9% of the total population hail from Tennessee, which is why the school has very high ethnic diversity. The gender ratio is perfectly balanced at 50:50 according to recent statistics. The school does not provide distance learning; everyone has to physically attend their classes. The ratio of available faculty members to students is 1:8 – one of the best in the nation. With 84% of the teachers being full-time employees, there are more than enough resources for you to successfully complete your program. This reflects on the on-time graduation rate which is about 87% at the moment.

The university has two campuses: the Main Campus in Nashville and the Peabody Campus. Most buildings and facilities used for various programs at Vandy are located at the Main Campus. On the other hand, Education and Human Development programs are offered at the Peabody Campus just across the street. Within 18 different fields of study, there are 70 undergraduate programs that are concentrated to about 49 majors. Economics and General Social Sciences are some of the popular courses at Vandy.

Vanderbilt University is the best higher education institution in Tennessee rankings. U.S. News & World Report ranks Vandy as the 14th best university among national colleges. In terms of value, Vandy comes 7th nationally which is no surprise considering the quality of education offered. It is also one of the most innovative schools with highly ranked engineering programs in the nation. Because of the acceptance rate at Vanderbilt University is 11%, you will have to be an excellent student to get accepted.

Vanderbilt’s residence halls were converted to an academic system with the aim of creating learning opportunities outside classrooms. In every house, there is a faculty head living among the students to guide them whenever they need help. Consequently, the quality of education at Vandy has continuously improved with time. Campus life is more than academics, and Vanderbilt offers various ways of nurturing your talent. There are about 430 student-run clubs and several sporting activities from which you can select your favorite.

Acceptance Rate at Vanderbilt University

As seen from the statistics above, Vandy is quite small in size but serves many countries. As such, you would expect its admission to be very competitive, which is the case. Vanderbilt University has an acceptance rate of 11%, which is among the lowest in the U.S. Only 10 students are selected from every group of 100 applicants.

The application requirements include the SAT or ACT scores and recommendation letters from your high school teachers. You will also need to pay a $50 non-refundable fee to facilitate the process.


I hope that this article on Vanderbilt University’s acceptance rate was helpful. To learn more about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.