West Oregon University was created in 1856, and it was situated at Monmouth, Oregon. It was initially called Monmouth University, but it changed to Christian College in 1865 after merging with Bethel College. The school witnessed another change of name to Oregon State Normal School in 1882 after lawmakers approved it to become a public institute of higher learning. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at West Oregon University.

The first world war affected the population of the school positively as almost 1,000 students enrolled by 1927. However, the school experienced a low student population with the Great Depression. The institution passed the 1,000 marks in 1938. The institution changed its name for the sixth in 1981 to Western Oregon State College to show the expansion in the academic curriculum of the school. In 1997, the school became West Oregon University.

The academic programs at WOU are divided into two faculties, namely the College of Education, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offering hundreds of courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. Based on the findings of the U.S. News & World Report, the institution is positioned at number 63 on the list of top tertiary institutions in the Western Region of the US.

WOU holds the unique record of being the only state-owned institute of higher learning that offers the “Tuition Promise” scheme. A scheme that guarantees students pay the exact tuition they paid in the first year in school.

Greek life is a recent development at WOU as the first fraternity was only introduced in 2012.

Acceptance Rate at West Oregon University

I hope that you discovered a lot of information concerning WOU. It is time to look at the acceptance rates. West Oregon University has a high acceptance, with 81% of applicants offered admission. You do have to know that not all who accepted choose to enroll. The acceptance rate of 81% is not as competitive as other universities. 31% of female students given admission enrolled at the beginning of the session, while 30% of male students enrolled. Out of the approximately 5,000 students in the school, 61% are female.

During the last admission exercise, approximately 3,000 freshmen applied to the institution, and 2,400 were offered admission.  The enrolment rate stands at a modest 30%. The average GPA of students enrolled at WOU is 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. Half of the student population at the school finished amongst the top 50% in the secondary schools. Admission into the school is all year round otherwise known as rolling admission. The school fees are also relatively on the moderate-income level, with 49% of the student enjoying financial aid.


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